Israel redeploys troops to northern Gaza

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(VOVWORLD) - The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will be increasing its presence in the northern Gaza Strip in the coming weeks, as Hamas seeks to regain control in the area.
Israel redeploys troops to northern Gaza  - ảnh 1Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip, January 21, 2024. (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

Several large-scale military operations are being planned by the IDF in areas where Hamas is thought to be regrouping.

The IDF on Monday urged residents in coastal areas of the Gaza Strip to relocate to the south, signaling that military operations are imminent in those areas.

Hamas on Monday reiterated its willingness to release the remaining hostages, provided Israel halts all military activities in the Gaza Strip and withdraws all its forces from Gaza.

The White House said negotiations for the release of a new batch of hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip were conducted in a constructive manner. John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, said the negotiations are trying to establish a framework for a new agreement.