VOVWorld (VOV5) of the Voice of Vietnam is the nation’s foreign language broadcaster serving overseas Vietnamese and foreigners all over the world. VOV5 now broadcasts on short wave and medium wave in 12 languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, German, Lao, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian and Vietnamese for Vietnamese who are living abroad.

VOV5 can be heard on local FM frequencies in Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Ho Chi Minh city and adjacent areas. Its programming is broadcast in the 12 afore-mentioned languages for expatriates living in Vietnam and Vietnamese who speak foreign languages.

VOV5 broadcast its first transmission on 7th September 1945 in French, English, and Cantonese. Then it expanded its service to Mandarin Chinese, Esperanto and Lao. During the anti-French war of resistance (from 1945 to 1954) the Voice of Vietnam terminated the Esperanto service, but maintained the remaining services. During the anti-US war of resistance (from 1955 to 1975), VOV5 added its programming in Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Cambodian, Spanish, Russian and Korean. The Vietnamese service was launched on 16th August 1981 and VOV5 officially began its German service on 1st March 2006.

In 1998, FM radio for the foreign community in Vietnam was inaugurated. Initially it was broadcast in English and French, and then in all 12 languages, in Hanoi at 105.5 MHz and in Ho Chi Minh city and Quang Ninh province at 105.7 MHz. VOV5 programming is now broadcast on short wave, medium wave and the internet, serving listeners in Europe, North America, parts of Central America, South East Asia, and parts of Africa.

On October 1, 2015, VOVWorld officially launched its 24/7 English channel broadcasting daily on 104 FM for foreign listeners, overseas Vietnamese, English-speaking Vietnamese, and the foreign community in Vietnam. The program is on air daily from 06:00 to 24:00 hours. It covers various aspects ranging from politics, economics, culture, and society to music and entertainment. Features include News and Current Affairs, Economy, Discovery Vietnam, Doctor at home, Food Delight, Culture Rendezvous, What’s on, Colorful Vietnam-Vietnam’s 54 Ethnic Groups, Learning English on Radio, Learning Vietnamese, and more. All the best are on VOV 24/7 on 104 FM and at vovworld.vn. 

VOV5’s 12 language programs are now available on www.vovworld.vn or at http//vov.vn (Radio the Voice of Vietnam’s online newspaper). The website www.vovworld.vn posts text of our programming, live radio programs and recorded programs within 7 days. There are also pictures, video-clips, music and features about Vietnam’s land, people, customs and tradition. The website runs special features marking specific anniversaries such as “40th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu in the Air Victory”, New Rural Landscape, and Discovery Vietnam. www.vovworld.vn links areas and regions all over the world which are inaccessible by shortwave. The website brings VOV program makers closer to the audience. 

Organizational structure


Work telephone

Director Nguyễn Tiến Long

(04) 38 25 78 70

Deputy Director Đỗ Thái Hùng
(04) 38 25 57 61
Deputy Director Phó Cẩm Hoa (04) 38 24 19 45

Administration Section

(04) 38 26 68 09

Editorial Secretariat

(04) 38 25 68 62

(04) 38 26 50 29

English Service

(04) 38 25 44 82

French Section

(04) 38 24 19 45

Japanese Section

(04) 38 25 36 31

Mandarin Chinese Section

(04) 38 26 68 06

Russian Section

(04) 38 25 66 33

German Section

(04) 39 36 52 18

Spanish Section

(04) 39 34 28 94

Indonesian Section

(04) 39 25 47 98

Lao Section

(04) 38 25 66 31

Thai Section

(04) 38 25 57 63

Cambodian Section

(04) 38 26 68 08

Vietnamese Section

(04) 38 25 20 70