The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) is a multimedia organization and government agency which disseminates Vietnam's Party guidelines and State laws, contributing to the people’s enhanced intellectual standards and spiritual lives.

VOV was established immediately after the 1945 August Revolution. Its first program was aired at 11:30 AM on September 7, 1945, with the signature phrase: “This is the Voice of Vietnam, broadcasting from Hanoi, capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam”.

At 11:30 AM on July 2, 1976, this phrase was changed to: “This is the Voice of Vietnam, broadcasting from Hanoi, capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam”.

Organizational structure

As a leading public service broadcaster in Vietnam, VOV provides up-to-the-minute, high-quality 

programs and content through:

- A series of radio channels: News and Current Affairs (VOV1); Culture, Science and Education (VOV2); Music, News and Entertainment (VOV3), Ethnic languages (VOV4); VOVWORLD (VOV5), Arts and Literature (VOV6), and VOV Traffic.

- Digital services including, VOVWORLD, and VTC News

- Print newspaper Tieng Noi Viet Nam 

- TV services including Vietnam Journey (VOVTV) and VTC channels

- 6 domestic bureaus based in the northwest region, the norheast region, the central region, the Central Highlands, Ho Chi Minh city and the Mekong Delta

- 13 foreign bureaus based in Beijing (China), Vientiane (Laos), Bangkok (Thailand), Phnompenh (Cambodia), Moscow (Russia), Tokyo (Japan), Paris (France), Washington, D.C. (US), Cairo (Egypt), Prague (Czech Republic), Sydney (Australia), Jakarta (Indonesia), and New Delhi (India).  

VOV leadership

 photo 1    President Đỗ Tiến Sỹ

Member of the Party Central Committee

Qualification: Master of Business Administration; Bachelor of Politics; Bachelor of Mathematics Pedagogy

 photo 2     

Vice President Trần Minh Hùng

Qualification: PhD in Linguistics; Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Foreign Languages

 photo 3   

Vice President Ngô Minh Hiển

Qualification: Bachelor of Foreign Languages, Bachelor of Economics

 photo 4   

Vice President Vũ Hải Quang

Qualification: Master of Electronics and Telecommunications; Master of Journalism; Bachelor of Economics 

 photo 5   

Vice President Phạm Mạnh Hùng

Qualification: Bachelor of Economic Law