Exhibition introduces President Ho Chi Minh’s signatures, autographs

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(VOVWORLD) - An exhibition introducing a collection of signatures and writings of President Ho Chi Minh in the 1945-1969 period opened at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi on Tuesday on the occasion of the late leader’s 133rd birth anniversary (May 19, 1890-2023).
Exhibition introduces President Ho Chi Minh’s signatures, autographs - ảnh 1

Do Hoang Linh, Deputy Director in charge of the President Ho Chi Minh relic site at the Presidential Palace, said that on display are more than 200 original orders and decrees, selected from more than 1,400 archived documents with autographs, and nearly 80 file photos illustrating the historical period from 1945 to 1969, during which Ho Chi Minh served as the head of State.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The first includes photos and documents in the 1945-1954 period when President Ho Chi Minh founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, built the people's administration system, pursued diplomatic solutions to protect revolutionary achievements, and led the long-term resistance war against French colonialists (1945-1954).

The second introduces photos and documents in the 1954-1969 period when he led the process of building socialism and protecting the North, and at the same time conducting the national liberation revolution in the South, and expanding diplomatic relations to mobilize support and help of the international community.