Unique wedding rituals of the Pa Co ethnic people

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Pa Co ethnic minority people consider marriage the most important milestone in a person’s life. Pa Co parents often prepare offerings for their children’s wedding.

The Pa Co ethnic minority people live in A Luoi mountain district in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue. For them, marriage is the most important milestone in one’s life. (Photo: VOV)

When a Pa Co boy likes a girl, he will go to the girl’s house and use a stick to strike her stilt house floor. If the girl agrees, she will invite him into her house to talk and sing call-and-response melodies through the night. (Photo: VOV)

These days it is not common for young people to follow this dating custom, but call-and-response songs remain an important part of their wedding ceremony. (Photo: VOV)

Young Pa Co people are free to date, though when it comes to marriage, they will follow their traditional customs. Young couples have to tell their parents of their wish to get married, who then help them to prepare offerings. (Photo: VOV)

Before the marriage proposal ceremony, the man’s family has to inform the Heaven God and their ancestors of the event. The man’s family will then give jewelry to the girl’s family to confirm their ties. (Photo: VOV)

The wedding ceremony has two parts. The bride will be escorted from her house and then welcomed into the groom’s family. (Photo: VOV)

The bride usually carries with her pieces of brocade cloth for use during the ceremony. (Photo: VOV)

Before walking to the groom’s house, the bride is covered with a headscarf to repel bad luck on the way. (Photo: VOV)

The couple then departs for the groom’s house. (Photo: VOV)

At the wedding, both families offer gifts to the bride, groom, and their relatives. The groom’s family usually offers silver bracelets, strings of beads, clothes, and meat of pigs, cows, and goats. The bride’s family usually prepares curtains, brocade items, fish, and poultry. (Photo: VOV)

When the bride and her family arrive at the groom’s house, the groom’s mother welcomes them. The bride then removes her headscarf and puts on an agate necklace before the couple enters the groom’s house to talk and once more sing call-and-response songs. (Photo: VOV)

The groom’s family sings about their wish for their son to marry a good girl. The bride’s family then responds with modest words about their daughter. Call-and-response singing sessions also demonstrate the family’s knowledge and pride in the culture of the Pa Co ethnic group. (Photo: VOV)