Preserving traditional musical instruments of ethnic groups in Cao Bang

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) -Đàn Tính is a typical string musical instrument played by the Tay and Nung ethnic minority groups residing in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang, with the instrument being played in all ceremonies and festivals.

The string musical instrument is the lead musical instrument and is typically used like a second vocalist to accompany the singer.

Artisan Trieu Duc Mon, 59, residing in Song Hien ward of Cao Bang city has spent over 30 years on making the Tinh instrument.

The gourd should be old enough to have a thick shell and be able to produce sharp, clear sounds when tapped. It should be a round gourd with a diameter between 60 and 70 cm.

Artisan Truong Van Duc of Hoa Chung ward shares that the sound box is made from half of a dried gourd fruit, the neck is made from mulberry wood, and the strings made using twined silk cord.

Each ethnic group has its own special techniques for making the Tinh instrument.

Six groups of nine holes are created around the gourd, with 54 holes in total. The size of the holes depends on the size of the gourd, according to artisan Van Duc.

The neck of the instrument is smooth without frets. It’s about 80cm to one metre long, depending on the length of the player’s arms.

The artisan said making a good Tinh requires both experience and musical sense.

The Tinh is a signature item of the Tay culture and is an important part of Then performances, festivals, and Tay ceremonies in Cao Bang province.