Mang Thit ceramic village: the “Kingdom of Red Brick“

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(VOVWORLD) - The Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long boasts not only bountiful fruit gardens and captivating eco-tourism spots but also the renowned Mang Thit ceramic brick village, dubbed the "Kingdom of Red Brick" or the "Red Kingdom."

The clay brick-making in Mang Thit has thrived for over a century, renowned as the leading producer of red ceramic bricks in the Mekong Delta. (Photo:Cao Ky Nhan/

Dubbed the "Red Kingdom", Mang Thit ceramic brick village sits on both sides of a picturesque river. (Photo:Department of Culture, Sports and Tour of Vinh Long province)


Researchers say that Vinh Long possesses a one-of-a-kind contemporary heritage. (Photo:

Mang Thit ceramic brick village uses traditional kilns. These kilns, ranging from 5 to 12 meters in height, are shaped like round towers and utilize rice husks as raw materials. (Photo: VOV)

Mang Thit ceramic bricks are made from clay shaped by the Co Chien River sediment. (Photo: VOV)

A set of ceramic bricks emerges from the oven. (Photo: VOV)

During its peak in the 1980s, the entire "kingdom" boasted about 1,000 production sites with around 3,000 furnaces. However, in the 2000s, the "Red Kingdom" started to decline due to high production costs and shifting consumer preferences. Now, there are only a little over 1,000 furnaces remaining. (

Currently, Vinh Long province is focusing on preserving the value of craft villages. This includes transforming the remaining brick and ceramic kilns into combined craft village tourism destinations as part of the Bringing Contemporary Heritage Project. (


Originally a traditional craft village, the ceramic brick villages in Vinh Long have turned into an appealing tourist spot. (Photo: