Lang Son develops border tourism

Duy Thai, Vinh Phong
Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) -The northern province of Lang Son has enhanced cooperation activities and promoted local potential in border tourism. The province has increased investment in infrastructure and services in the border area with China.

Lang Son develops border tourism - ảnh 1Tourists travel through Vietnam's Chi Ma border gate - China's Ai Dian border gate. (Photo: VOV)

To promote border tourism, Lang Son province has invested in roads, the power grid, and an IT network, established service centers, and connected historical, cultural, and scenic spots, such as the Temple of Dong Dang Mother Goddess, the Thuy Mon Dinh Stele House, and the Dong Dang Fortress.

Visitors to Lang Son can trek the border patrol route from Chi Ma border gate in Loc Binh district to Bac Xa border gate in Dinh Lap district, which has many border markers and a superb landscape.

It’s easy to travel from Lang Son city to Dong Dang, Huu Nghi, and Tan Thanh border gate or from Lang Son city to Pingxiang, China, with a daily travel license. Other popular tourist destinations are the Huu Nghi International Border Gate and the Dong Dang International Railway Station.

Lang Son develops border tourism - ảnh 2Leaders of Lang Son province greet the first tourist delegation on January 1, 2024. (Photo: VOV)

Luu Ba Mac, Deputy Director of the Lang Son provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said, “We will promote investment and tourism potential and cooperate with China’s Guangxi province to pilot the Border Tourism Cooperation Area between Tan Thanh of Vietnam and Pu Zhai of China, offering experiential tours, research, education, shopping, and entertainment."

"Lang Son has stepped up digital transformation of border tourism and built a regular exchange and cooperation mechanism with China’s Guangxi province to organize activities, manage visitors, and diversify tourism products."

Since the beginning of the year, Lang Son has welcomed 761,000 visitors, an increase of 13%, including 22,000 foreign tourists.