Democracy, responsibility ensured at legislative Q&A session

Hong Van
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The National Assembly’s question and answer session wrapped up after 2-and-a-half days of grilling cabinet members on 4 groups of issues: labor, invalids, and social affairs; science and technology; transportation; and ethnicity. The Q&A session took place with a sense of responsibility for clarifying problems and finding solutions. 

Democracy, responsibility ensured at legislative Q&A session - ảnh 1Minister of Transport Nguyen Van Thang answers deputies' questions. (Photo: Doan Tan/ VNA)

Q&A is a special form of oversight that demonstrates democracy, rule of law, publicity, and transparency in the National Assembly’s performance. It’s a way for voters to evaluate the capacity, responsibility, and performance of National Assembly deputies and officials elected or approved by them.

Thorough preparation

Preparations for the Q&A session were carried out by NA agencies. They selected 4 groups of issues for questions based on answers given by Ministers and heads of sectors in previous session, proposals of National Assembly delegations, and recommendations of voters. All of the selected issues are urgent and have strategic significance for the future.

“The data cited by the deputies in their questions was specific and well-sourced, which corroborated the good faith of the questions,” Deputy Nguyen Anh Tri, who represents Hanoi, said.

Democracy, responsibility ensured at legislative Q&A session - ảnh 2National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue concludes the Q&A session on June 8, 2023. (Photo: Doan Tan/ VNA)

Impressive remarks

The Q&A session saw a significant increase in the number of deputies registered to ask questions. 454 deputies registered to ask, 31% more than the previous sitting. There were 49 debates, more than double the previous session. This shows the determination of the deputies to get satisfactory answers and commitments from the leaders.

“On the issues voters are interested in, the deputies expressed their own enthusiasm through debate,” said deputy Trinh Xuan An of Dong Nai province.

Deputy Tran Thi Van, who represents Bac Ninh province, said, “The atmosphere in the Assembly hall was very enthusiastic. Many more deputies asked questions and joined debates on different issues. I think the Q&A session was very effective.

National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue said the ministers demonstrated a straightforward and frank attitude in answering difficult questions.

Deputy Chau Quynh Dao of Kien Giang province talked about Minister and Head of the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs Hau A Lenh, “The Minister gave good answers. He is an ethnic minority person and is always concerned about ways to develop ethnic minority regions. I hope his commitments will soon be realized.”

Following the Q&A session, the National Assembly deputies will observe the Ministers to make sure they keep their promises. This oversight ensures there are visible changes and provides a basis for the National Assembly to hold a confidence vote on officials elected or approved by the Assembly.