Tran Cong Len helps farmers escape poverty

Nhat Truong
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - 75-year-old Tran Cong Len is the Chairman of the Gardening Association in Dao Thanh commune, Tien Giang province. Over the years, Lien has helped scores of local farmers escape from poverty thanks to his initiatives in agricultural production. 
Tran Cong Len helps farmers escape poverty - ảnh 1Tran Cong Len (Photo: Nhat Truong/ VOV) 

Tran Cong Len spends most of his time visiting paddy fields, and orchards, meeting local farmers and instructing them on new agricultural techniques. He also helps farmers get loans to expand their production: “I have done a lot of research and have some training in agricultural cultivation, and I want to transfer what I know to the farmers. I think the techniques are helpful, especially in growing rice and fruit trees”.

The successful model for growing longan and green pomelo has made many farmers in Dao Thanh well-off in recent years. This was largely due to Mr. Len’s assistance, according to local farmer Vo Van Thiet: “Mr. Len has worked for the Agriculture Cooperative since 1978 without any payment. He brought seedlings from the Fruit Research Institute to local farmers and explained to them techniques for effective cultivation”.

Len’s 7 hectares of land are covered with longan, coconut, and green pomelo, producing strong profits. He is ready to share with others his experience in agricultural production: “I have close relations with the farmers. Despite having reached retirement age, I will continue to help them with rural development”.

Tran Cong Len is affectionately called “the engineer of farmers” by the locals.