Hoa Binh’s prestigious ethnic elder serves as role model for younger generations

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(VOVWORLD) - Ban Sinh Luong, a Dao ethnic person, is a prestigious person in Thong Nhat ward, Hoa Binh City. He was chosen to be the head of the residential area and Chairman of Thong Nhat wards Elderly Association.

Hoa Binh’s prestigious ethnic elder serves as role model for younger generations   - ảnh 1Ban Sinh Luong 

At the age of 70 Mr. Luong is still active in social work. He always takes a vanguard role in the movement “All People Protecting National Security”. Luong and other local people have contributed their ideas and proposed many effective measures to maintain local security and order. Aided by information provided by local residents, Luong and the local authorities were able to persuade 20 illegal guest workers to return home.

“Luongs reputation is known not only in his village, but also in neighboring areas. As the head of a family clan here, he actively participates, contributes opinions, and helps resolve conflicts and problems in his residential area,” said Lieutenant Vu The Son, a police officer in Thong Nhat ward.

Thong Nhat ward has 9 residential areas with a population of nearly 6,800 people, 95% of whom are Dao. Luong persuaded households to donate more than 1,000 square meters of land to build cultural houses and more than 660 square meters of land to build inter-village roads, accelerating the progress of new rural building in the locality.

“Luong is kind, reputable, and respected by local people. He has helped wrongdoers turn over a new leaf. Luong encourages local households to follow Party guidelines and State laws and policies,” said a Dao man, Trieu Tien Luu, who is Luong’s neighbor.

Hoa Binh’s prestigious ethnic elder serves as role model for younger generations   - ảnh 2Hoa Binh City seen from above. 

His experience and prestige has enabled Luong to conciliate disputes over land and family conflicts. As a role model, Luong was selected to attend the ninth National Congress of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in 2019.

Village elders and village heads play an important role, Luong said, adding he has encouraged local people to follow the States guidelines and policies and have been doing whatever beneficial to the people.

"Mass mobilization is the key to success, so it is essential to take any opportunity to mobilize the people and help them understand the guidelines and policies. I take meetings and community gatherings as opportunities to communicate with the people,” he said.

Ban Sinh Luong has been awarded certificates of merit from Hoa Binh province’s People’s Committee for his great contribution to the community and serving as a role model for younger generations.