Vietnamese sound engineer collaborates with global Platinum music stars

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(VOVWORLD) - Recently, the album “Same Me” by P1 was prominently displayed in New York’s Times Square. This album was brought to life by Vietnamese-American sound engineer Chris Nguyen, whose real name is Nguyen Khac Quang. Born in 1999 in Ho Chi Minh City, Chris now lives and works in Los Angeles in the US.
Vietnamese sound engineer collaborates with global Platinum music stars - ảnh 1Chris begins his career in music before moving to the US to study. (Photo: Chris CC)

The album, featuring 18 tracks selected from over 100 songs recorded over three years, is a testament to Chris Nguyen’s dedication and passion for music.

The ‘audio wizard’

Sound engineers, often considered ‘audio wizards’, bring songs to life through their hard work and creative knowledge. Chris has contributed his magic to albums by renowned artists such as “We Know The Truth”, “Because Y’all Asked”, and “A Cold Day In Hell” by rapper Drakeo The Ruler, “Kourtesy Of Us” by rappers Rucci & AZ Chikem, and “Fearless Vol. 2” by rapper Rob Vicious.

Vietnamese sound engineer collaborates with global Platinum music stars - ảnh 2Most tracks on "SAME ME - P1" are recorded by Chris himself. (Photo: Chris CC)

Since graduating, he has collaborated with major record labels in the US, including Sony Music, Atlantic Records, RCA Records, Warner Music, Empire, and Cash Money Records. These labels are frequented by A-list stars who have received RIAA platinum certification.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), established in 1958, tracks music sales and honors artists, with Gold and Platinum awards being the standard measure of success. Selling 500,000 units earns a Gold certificate, while 1,000,000 units sold earns a Platinum certificate.

Chris credits his success to his education at the Los Angeles Recording School, a hub for music. “It was an environment that nurtured my passion”, he said. During his studies, Chris connected with famous Vietnamese singers in the US, such as Bang Kieu and Ngoc Anh, who are close friends of his father. “I learned that success in art requires immensely hard work, creativity, and continuous improvement,” he added.

Vietnamese sound engineer collaborates with global Platinum music stars - ảnh 3Chris has worked with Diamond Platnumz (left), the artist with the most hits in Tanzania, who has nearly 18 million followers on Instagram and has won numerous international awards. Chris has also collaborated with Diljit Dosanjh (right) from India. (Photo: Chris CC)

From an early age, Chris collaborated with many artists. In 2020, he worked with Rob Vicious and Fenix Flexin from Shoreline Mafia, the group 1MIND, and rapper French Montana, among others. Over the past two years, Chris has worked with notable Hip Hop and international artists Jay Critch, MadeinTYO, Casey Veggies, NLE Choppa, 2K Baby, and Blackway. One of his proudest moments was working with Vietnamese artist KNY from Orange County, California, on an EP.

“I am thrilled to contribute to the success of Vietnamese artists both in the US and back home in Vietnam,” shared Chris.

In the US, Chris is regarded as an “indispensable part of the music production process,” earning the nickname ‘sound wizard’ from his peers. “Every graduate from the Los Angeles Recording School is skilled in sound engineering, and I strive to keep learning,” Chris said.

Vietnamese sound engineer collaborates with global Platinum music stars - ảnh 4Chris mixing the Same Me album with rapper P1. (Photo: Chris CC)

Working with ‘Platinum artists’

Since graduating, Chris has worked at Mint Room Studios, a popular recording venue for many famous artists. Discussing his approach to working with Platinum artists, he explained, “These artists work quickly and accurately, so you must match their speed and precision. Recognizing their unique style is essential for producing high-quality music that resonates with listeners. Working too slowly or inaccurately can ruin a session.”

Chris has a particular fondness for using the rare vintage AKG ELA M 251 microphone, which he handles with great care. “This mic requires delicate handling and setup, but it has taught me to be meticulous with all equipment, ensuring perfection in every session,” he said.

Born into a music-loving family, Chris’s father had a keen ear for music but did not pursue a career in the arts. After graduating high school in Vietnam, Chris spent a year working in audio and marketing at Ba Sao Audio before heading to the United States for his studies. He graduated from the prestigious Los Angeles Recording School with a GPA of 3.86, earning a Summa Cum Laude honor.

Many alumni from his school have become legendary sound engineers, such as Jaycen Joshua, a 10-time Grammy winner, and Ari Levine, another Grammy winner. Chris Nguyen is proud to join their ranks as a talented sound engineer, ready to make his mark in the industry and collaborate with Platinum artists.