The “mechanical engineer for farmers” in mountainous province

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(VOVWORLD) - Vu Huu Le, a company director in the northern province of Yen Bai, was one of 6 individuals honored at the Vietnam Glory Program 2021 for his excellent achievements in production. Le is known for his research and design of machines and equipment for agricultural and forestry production.

The “mechanical engineer for farmers” in mountainous province  - ảnh 1Mechanic Vu Huu Le. (Photo:

At the age of 87, mechanic Vu Huu Le is still working tirelessly to create machines and tools for farmers. 

After 19 years of working in mechanics, Le retired in 1990 but still cherished the dream of opening his own workshop. With just 44 USD in his pocket, he started trading scrap metal in the hope of earning more money, going from place to place on his old motorbike. In 2008, Le opened the Hong Ha Mechanical and Construction Company, specializing in producing machines for farmers. 

3 years later he created his first successful mini tea processor. Offering excellent capacity and quality at a lower price than imported machines, the processor is well-suited for household production. Le has continued introducing new machines one after another: a tool washer, an arrowroot grinding and powder filtering system, a tea leaf sorting machine, a cinnamon bark cutter and essential oil distillation system, and many more. All of his machines are easy to operate and inexpensive, Le said.

“I used to do farm work, so I understand the needs of farmers. Observing people on the job gives me ideas for ways to help them in their daily work. I want to ease their burden,” he said.

The “mechanical engineer for farmers” in mountainous province  - ảnh 2Vu Huu Le (L) examines the production of farm tools. (Photo:

Le puts dedication into every machine he creates. In the planning stage, he studies the needs and asks the opinions of potential users before consulting the mechanics in his workshop. Le also supports poor farmers by offering them an easy no-interest payment schedule.

“My wife and I used to produce rice paper using a manual method, which took lots of time. By using a rice paper making machine designed by Mr. Le, our work is much easier and more productive,”  said farmer Dinh Duc Toan of Yen Bai city. 

Many of Le’s machines and equipment are sold in other provinces and cities. 

“Mr. Le is a role model for us for his working spirit and creativity. He is still committed to his work despite his age,” said Cao Ngoc Trieu, an employee of the Hong Ha Company.

Vu Huu Le has received many certificates of merit, including a third-class labor order.