MMath belts out rock songs in Hanoi

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(VOVWORLD) - Hanoi Rock City (HRC) was the very first and is still the foremost independent live music venue in Vietnam’s capital city. It is a place for young artists to try out their new music. The founder of Hanoi Rock City, Vo Duc Anh, is a Master of Mathematics.

MMath belts out rock songs in Hanoi - ảnh 1An event at Hanoi Rock City. (Photo courtesy of Vo Duc Anh)

Located on To Ngoc Van street in Tay Ho district, Hanoi Rock City is a rendezvous for young artists and music lovers every night.

Hanoi Rock City show commonly attracts an audience of 300, and the venue has become a popular space for art, and other cultural events. 

“When the venue was first opened, most of the audience were expats. But over time, it attracted more and more local music lovers. Here, I have met other musicians and like-minded people,” founder Duc Anh said.

Duc Anh was born in 1984 into a family with a tradition of teaching and research. When he was young, Duc Anh had a great passion for mathematics.  He studied at Nottingham University in the UK for several years and has a master’s degree in mathematics.

MMath belts out rock songs in Hanoi - ảnh 2Hanoi Rock City founder Vo Duc Anh. (Photo courtesy of Vo Duc Anh)

Duc Anh returned to Vietnam and immediately spotted a gap in the market. He said that Hanoi lacked a recognized music venue where young Vietnamese could meet and jam. And Hanoi Rock City was established.

“I faced a number of difficulties when I opened Hanoi Rock City. At that time, this model was new in Vietnam. Before 2000, Vietnamese of my age mostly played covers of other people’s music. This venue encourages them to write music and introduce it to the audience in different genres. We collaborate with other organizations that use this space for fundraising events,” Duc Anh recalled.

Hanoi Rock City currently presents 4 different events a week, and pulls in large audiences.

A highlight of Hanoi Rock City is the OPEN MIC event every Wednesday, where people can perform music, recite poems, or dance. 

“My future plans include teaching mathematics, writing and playing music, and developing Hanoi Rock City as a home for young artists,” said Duc Anh.