Local swimming coach honored by Forbes Vietnam

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(VOVWORLD) - Tran Thi Kim Thia, a 63-year-old woman from the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, was named to a list of 20 inspirational women in 2021 compiled by Forbes Vietnam. She was praised for teaching thousands of local children how to swim for free, despite living in poverty herself. 
Local swimming coach honored by Forbes Vietnam - ảnh 163-year-old Tran Thi Kim Thia has taught 3,800 children how to swim for free. (Photo: VOV)

Ms. Thia’s swimming classes normally begin when the summer holidays arive. At first, she had to go from house to house in Hung Thanh commune, to persuade local children to learn to swim to protect themselves during the flood season.

Ms. Le Thi Ha of Hung Thanh commune has 3 grandchildren aged 4 to 9 and had no way to help them learn to swim.

“I have to look after 3 grandchildren and I have no time to arrange swimming lessons for them. I was relieved when Ms. Thia offered to teach them,” said Ha.

Ms. Thia loves children and patiently teaches each one basic swimming techniques. Tran Minh Tan said he and his friends often go to fish, catch mice, and pick flowers during the flood season. Thanks to Ms. Thia’s training, Tan learned to swim in 1 week.

“Many children in my area have been taught by Ms. Thia. She teaches us carefully and her lessons are easy to follow. Now, I feel safer during the flood season,” said Tan.

Ms. Thia has taught 3,800 children in Dong Thap province. She says if children don’t learn to swim, they are at risk during the flood season.

“Although my circumstances are difficult, I will continue my work, hoping to do something good for local children and their parents,” she said.

Local swimming coach honored by Forbes Vietnam - ảnh 2Despite her old age, Ms. Thia continues to teach children to swim. (Photo: VOV) 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hac, Deputy Head of Thap Muoi district’s Department of Communications and Education, said, “Though Thia’s deeds may seem simple, she has made a great contribution to the community.”

Tran Thi Kim Thia received a KOVA Award in 2018 for her good deeds in society. In 2020, she received the Third-class Labor Order from Vietnam’s President and a certificate of merit from the Prime Minister for her achievement in teaching thousands of children how to swim.