Journalist Hoang Minh Nguyet remembered by her colleagues

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(VOVWORLD) - Journalist Hoang Minh Nguyet, a former Vice President of the Voice of Vietnam, has passed away at the age of 65. Ms. Nguyet, who worked at VOV for more than 30 years, was admired by colleagues, friends, and listeners for her sharp intelligence, great ability, and devotion.

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Journalist Hoang Minh Nguyet, former Vice President of the Voice of Vietnam.

“Professional, responsible, modest, and kind” is how Nguyet’s colleagues described her. Nguyet first worked at VOV as an editor and broadcaster in the English section of the Overseas Service. In early 1990s, VTV began broadcasting an English news bulletin. Nguyet helped VTV produce the English program for several years and was praised for her contribution. Nguyen Van Vinh, a TV director who worked on the first programs of the VTV “Evening news”, said: “In the beginning, VTV programs mainly served the National Party Congress. In late 1991, we launched English service focused on foreign audience. The highly rated shows involved a young editor and broadcaster named Minh Nguyet”.

Later, Nguyet became the Head of VOV’s International Cooperation Department, a job that required not only foreign language proficiency but also diplomatic skills and the ability to mobilize international assistance for radio development. She contributed enormously to boosting cooperation between the Voice of Vietnam and foreign radio and television stations as well as organizations like ABU, AIDB, BBC, and NHK.  VOV’s Vice President Ngo Minh Hien, who worked with Minh Nguyet in the International Cooperation Department, said Ms. Nguyet was a wholehearted colleague, always interested in training young staff: “Ms. Hoang Minh Nguyet played an important role in elevating the status of VOV in the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and among international partners. She was in charge of organizing international events, including the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), attended by more than 500 foreign delegates. Vietnam hosted this event for the first time. In a letter of thanks to VOV President Vu Van Hien, ABU Secretary General David Ashley wrote: “This has been one of the most successful conferences of the ABU. It was carefully prepared and organized, which left a very good impressions of VOV. It wouldn’t have been as successful without Hoang Minh Nguyet’s contributions.”

Nguyen Tien Long, Head of the World Service of the Voice of Vietnam, said Ms. Nguyet was one of those who laid the foundation for VOV correspondent bureaus in many countries and organized a number of regional and global radio conferences in Vietnam: “It seems that there were two persons in herself. In daily life, she was a friendly and kind person. She was always ready to help others. At work, she was decisive and resolute. She worked aggressively with her strong work ethic and efficient methods”.

In 2005, Ms. Nguyet was made VOV’s Vice President. In this position, she contributed to developing VOV’s content and boosting cooperation with foreign radio stations. She also expanded opportunities for VOV reporters and editors to be trained in Vietnam or abroad and initiated ideas for improving programming content.

Journalist Hoang Minh Nguyet will always be remembered for her ability, whole-heartedness, and impressive contributions to Vietnam’s radio sector.