Central Highlands teacher honored for devotion to ethnic minority children

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(VOVWORLD) - After many years teaching at a village school in the Central Highlands, kindergarten teacher Ksor H’Nhiem has managed to persuade all the village children to go to school and has changed the mindset of their parents to be more supportive of  teachers in caring for their children. 

Central Highlands teacher honored for devotion to ethnic minority children  - ảnh 1Teacher Ksor H’Nhiem and her little pupils. (Photo taken before April, 2021/ baogialai.com.vn)

Although very busy with farm work, Ro Com H’Lai of the Jrai ethnic minority and her husband, who live in Ia Tong village in Gia Lai province, still spend time in the evening helping their 4-year-old daughter Ro Com H’Nanh with her lessons. They watch educational videos provided by teacher H’Nhiem and help their daughter follow them.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, since September, H’Nanh and the other children in her class have attended online classes five days a week. Although they can’t go to school, their parents and teacher keep in contact by phone or online to maintain their education. H’Lai says she is pleased with this teaching method. Her daughter has learned to sing many songs, dance, and is always looking forward to new lessons from teacher H’Nhiem.

“H’Nhiem is very enthusiastic and devoted to the pupils. My daughter has learned a lot from her. I feel assured to have H’Nhiem teaching my child,” said H’Lai.

H’Nhiem has been in charge of Ia Tong village’s kindergarten since 2018. She met with the parents and talked to them about the importance of sending children to kindergarten to learn language, life skills, and prepare for primary school. Thanks to H’Nhiem’s persuasion, the villagers started sending their children to school and even donated money and labor to help build a new school.

“In the past, the school facilities were poor. Now the classrooms are beautifully decorated, and there is a big playground for the children. H’Nhiem has played a big role in creating a better learning environment,” said Ro Cham H’Yui Ms. Ro Cham H’Yui, Head of the Parents Group at Ia Tong village’s kindergarten.

Ms. Do Thi Nga, head of the kindergarten, says that before 2019, the school had no more than 10 children between 3 and 5 years old. Through H’Nhiem’s effort, the kindergarten class has grown to 38 children.

H’Nhiem focuses on teaching the children Vietnamese and designs activities and lessons to promote the Jrai ethnic culture, including the gong and other musical instruments and traditional Jrai costumes.

Ms. Nga said, “H’Nhiem loves the children so much. Over the years, she has been recognized as an outstanding teacher and is a role model for other teachers.”

H’Nhiem says she hopes a good education will give the children a better future.

“In disadvantaged remote areas, many children can’t attend school. I want all ethnic minority children to learn to speak Vietnamese and get a good education. I’ve visited many local households to persuade parents to send their children to school.”

H’Nhiem was named an outstanding teacher for the 2020-2021 school year for her enormous contribution to local education.