Xo Dang ethnic minority launches community-based tourism village

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(VOVWORLD) - Vi Ro Ngheo village in Kon Plong district, Central Highlands province of Kontum, is now officially recognized as a community-based tourism village after three years of development, the district People’s Committee announced at a ceremony on Tuesday.
Xo Dang ethnic minority launches community-based tourism village - ảnh 1Vi Ro Ngheo village's communal house (Photo: VOV)

There are 63 households and roughly 300 residents in the village, all of whom are Xo Dang ethnic minority. The village is located 40 km away from Mang Den town and surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, lakes, paddy fields, and forests with rich biodiversity.

The village is considered “an eden” for yellow orchids, which grow in abundance from hills to people’s homes. Architectural and cultural values of the Xo Dang ethnic minority are well-preserved, thanks to the village’s geography and people’s efforts.

Vice Chairman of Kong Plong district People’s Committee Pham Van Thang said, "We have mobilized every households to rebuild our cultural values and formed groups specializing in growing vegetables, providing chicken, duck, and pork to cook for tourists. Our specialties are freshwater fishes and vegetable. We have encouraged locals and introduced regulations to involve them in tourism services and benefit from tourism."