Vietnamese Embassy in Brazil organises Festa Junina

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnamese Embassy in Brazil has coordinated with the International Club Brasilia in organizing the Festa Juninas festival, also known as "festas de São João", which commemorates the birthday of Saint John/João.
Vietnamese Embassy in Brazil organises Festa Junina - ảnh 1An art performance at the festival. (Photo: Places To Visit Brazil)

Senhora Julie-Pascale Moudoute Bell, President of the club, said that the festival is an opportunity for countries to exchange and discover each other's culture. Particularly, on this occasion, participants can enjoy typical Vietnamese dishes.

In June, the Festa Juninas festival is held across Brazil. The holiday expresses the gratitude of the inhabitants to heaven and earth for favorable weather and good harvests.
In the past, the festival was mainly held in Brazil’s countryside, with peasant boys wearing large straw hats and women with braided hair, wearing red checkered skirts dancing "quadrilha" - a dance that was fashionable in Europe and its colonies in the late 18th and and 19th centuries. Nowadays, not only in rural areas, the festival is also held in schools to keep the good tradition.