China warns airlines to avoid areas around Taiwan (China)

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(VOVWORLD) - China on Wednesday issued a warning to airlines operating in Asia to avoid flying in six airspace areas around Chinese Taipei that it designated "dangerous zones".

China warns airlines to avoid areas around Taiwan (China) - ảnh 1Fuzhou Changle International Airport in Fujian Province (China) is located near Taiwan. (Photo: FOC)

Flights will be restricted from noon on Thursday to noon on Sunday. About 18 routes will be affected.

China's Xiamen Airlines announced that it has adjusted some flights, citing "flow control" in Fujian, just across the Taiwan Strait from Chinese Taipei.

A spokesperson for South Korea’s Korean Air said the airline is planning to reroute some of its services to South Asia to avoid the airspace during China's military exercises.

Japanese airlines ANA Holdings and Japan Airlines said they have received notices and are changing their routes accordingly.