Pieu scarf weaving contest showcases Thai ethnic minority women’s dexterity

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Son La province held a Pieu scarf weaving contest on Sunday during an orchid festival in an effort to preserve Thai ethnic minority culture.

The Thai people's Pieu scarf is a unique combination of colors and patterns, mixing mountain green, early sunshine gold, and the white of the flowers into the final product. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

It takes 3 hours to weave, research suitable colors and patterns, and embroider the scarf. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

The scarves signify not only the beauty of the women making them, but also their talent. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

Growing up, Thai women are taught how to weave and make the Pieu scarf by their grandparents. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

They need to be quite competent at weaving, sewing, and embroidering, and capable of making a Pieu scarf themselves to prepare for their marriage by 15-16 years old. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

A Pieu scarf is an important wedding present from the wife to the husband's family. It is a criteria to judge the wife's qualities. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

Pieu scarves are only decorated at their two ends. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

To embroider a Pieu scarf, a colored thread is inserted into a black fabric canvas, which is called "xeo". The embroiderer usually starts with the primary, inner-most patterns, and the works outward. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

Pieu scarf patterns are diverse and colorful, but layered and organised. There are three types of patterns to be embroidered on a Pieu scarf: "Ta leo", "Cut pieu", and "Sai peng". "Ta leo" pattern is for warding off evil spirits to protect its users. "Cut pieu" pattern signifies a gift from someone with a higher status, and "Sai peng" signifies lovers. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

Thai women usually frame the scarves in a "Cut pieu" pattern with green or red fabrics to chase away evil spirits. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

This year's Pieu scarf weaving contest had 12 participants from hamlets and wards in Son La. (Photo:Tran Long/VOV)

Under the white orchid, Thai women's skills are on full display. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

The contest contributed to preserving and promiting Thai ethnic minority's culture. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)

The contests also attracted a large audience and people who came to take photos. (Photo: Tran Long/VOV)