Xoe dance promoted in contemporary life

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Xoe dance is a pride of Thai ethnic people in the northwestern region of Vietnam. The art of Xoe dance was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2021. Now, together with old artisans, young people have joined the effort to preserve and promote Xoe dance.

Xoe dance promoted in contemporary life  - ảnh 1Xoe dance is preserved by generations of people in Nghia Lo town. (Photo: VOV)

Nghia Lo town in Yen Bai province now has 200 art troupes whose many members are young women with great passion for Xoe dance. 

“In order to perform Xoe dance beautifully, you need to understand it well and dance with all your heart. Apart from practicing the movements, I also learn about the origins and meaning of Xoe dance from veteran artisans,” said 16-year-old Luong Thi Minh, a member of a local art troupe.

42-year-old artisan Dieu Thi Sieng in Nghia Lo has been teaching Xoe dance for years. Sieng said apart from old Xoe dance, she also modifies it with flowers and conical hats to make it more suitable for contemporary life.

“I learnt Xoe dance from my grandparents. I teach the dance to local children to prevent it from falling into oblivion. Each class has 15-16 children. Local schools also support my effort of Xoe dance preservation.”

Xoe dance promoted in contemporary life  - ảnh 2Local children are taught to perform Xoe dance. (Photo: VOV)

In recent years, teaching old Xoe dance has been part of extra-curricular activities for students in Nghia Lo town. Teacher Pham Thi Thanh Hien from Ly Tu Trong secondary school, said that many students are interested in Xoe dance.

"The artisans have dedicated great time and effort to teaching them. Now, most students in my school can perform Xoe dance and have joined Xoe dance contests,” said Hien.

Luong Manh Ha, Vice Chairman of Nghia Lo town’s People’s Committee, said the locality has worked out a plan to preserve and promote Xoe dance.

“We will promote teaching Xoe dance at schools. More Xoe dance troupes will be set up in hamlets and villages inhabited by Thai ethnic people to preserve their cultural values”, said Ha.