Co To Island – a tourist destination not to be missed

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Situated in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh, Co To Island has become a favourite destination among travelers due to its pristine natural beauty and high-quality tourism products.

The island district of Co To consists of Big Co To, Small Co To, Thanh Lan, and 50 other small islands which can only be accessed by boat.

Typically it takes tourists around 50 minutes to travel by high-speed boat from the mainland to Co To Island.

A special national relic site to commemorate late President Ho Chi Minh – Vietnamese hero of national liberation and great man of culture - is one of the key landmarks tourists shouldn’t miss.

A statue of President Ho waving to people stands at the centre of the relic site.

Tinh Yeu, Hong Van, and Van Chai are three main beaches that are most popular with tourists.

The beaches are calm, boasting clear blue sea and very smooth white sand stretches. It is notable that the beautiful white sandy beaches here can immediately help tourists to relax and truly unwind.

Discovering the island by tram, visitors can enjoy the poetic landscape of Tinh Yeu (Love) Road.

Cau My Cliff is a romantic site which is often visited by young people. This spot possesses magnificent rocks dating back millions of years and stretches for nearly two km.

Rocks in different shapes make Cau My Cliff appear like a vivid picture.

This is the best place for tourists to see the sunrise on the island, as well as to enjoy the crystal clear blue water.

A scene of Co To Island at sunrise.

Co To lighthouse is a must-visit destination as it offers great panoramic views of Co To Island at an altitude of 102 metres.

Every weekend Co To Island welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign visitors. Currently, the locality is developing more tourism products such as scuba diving and sightseeing tours from seaplanes.

The tourism industry greatly contributes to improving the lives of local people. The Island district now aims to become a high-quality island tourism centre in Vietnam.