Wednesday May 10, 2023

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(VOVWORLD) - Last week we received over 320 letters, emails, and phone calls from listeners in 34 countries and territories. We’re very glad that we have new listeners every day.
Wednesday May 10, 2023 - ảnh 1A scene in the film "A tourist's guide to love" which was shot in many places in Vietnam.

B: We welcome Nizamuddin Shaikh of India, a new listener of VOV’s English program. He emailed us to say: “Your programs give me a lot of knowledge and help me and my club members know about your culture. The news is very accurate and irrespective.”

A: Mehar Abdul Sattar Salfi of Pakistan told us: “I and all the members of our International Radio Listeners Organization regularly listen to VOV’s French and English service. Although we don’t send letters or emails to you regularly, it doesn't mean we are not listening. The English service is like a bridge between Vietnam and Pakistan and listeners. We come to know facts and news about Vietnam. Sometimes we face reception problems due to the weather but mostly we can listen to you very clearly.”

B:  Liu Wei emailed us from Guang Dong province, China: “VOV’s English broadcast is very good. I can listen to it clearly. Thank you very much for letting me know the culture and customs of Vietnam. I will continue to listen to your broadcast and introduce it to my friends. VOV’s English broadcast is authentic. The accent, I can fully understand it, also helps my English listening.”

A: Thank you for listening to VOV and sending us your feedback. We appreciate your comments and critiques to make our program better.

Wednesday May 10, 2023 - ảnh 2Amanda, the main character of the film "A tourist's guide to love", walks in front of the Hanoi Opera House. 

B: We have received many congratulations on Vietnam’s Reunification Day, April 30th, and compliments for Vietnam’s development achievements. 

A: Ding Lu of China wrote an article reviewing Vietnam’s achievements in multiple sectors. “I want to wish my friends at VOV and the people of Vietnam a happy Reunification Day and International Labor Day! In the 48 years since Vietnam unified and liberated the south, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the entire Socialist Republic of Vietnam has undergone earth-shaking changes, and socialist construction is in full swing. It has achieved many world-renowned achievements.”

B: In the eyes of the international community, Vietnam is a successful example of economic development and poverty eradication, said Lu. According to WB data, from 2016 to 2019 Vietnam was among the ten countries with the fastest growth and one of the 16 most successful new economies.

A: He continued: “Vietnam has amazing achievements in infrastructure construction. Vietnam has become one of the fastest growing countries in the world in the number of mobile users, Internet users, and smartphone users.”

B: In terms of cultural and social construction, the material, spiritual and cultural life of people from all walks of life in Vietnam has improved significantly. Good results have been achieved in employment and poverty eradication.

A: Thank you very much Ding Lu for taking the time to study Vietnam and write a summary of Vietnam’s achievements. Summer, the peak tourism season, is coming to Vietnam. We have received a number of questions from listeners about Vietnamese tourism.

Wednesday May 10, 2023 - ảnh 3Amanda, the main character of the film "A tourist's guide to love", visits the Temple of Literature in Hanoi. 

B: Algerian listener Naghmouchi Nouari asked: “What is the best time to come to Vietnam?” Karuna Kanta Pal of India wants to know something about Vietnam’s summer.

A: Three quarters of Vietnam's territory is mountainous or hilly, and its 3,260-kilometer coast has many beautiful beaches. Between mountains and beaches, Vietnam offers diverse tourism activities all year round.

B: Vietnamese children have a three-month summer holiday, making summer the best time for family trips. And more foreign tourists visit Vietnam in summer than in any other season.

A: Kim Samnang of Campuchia asked about tourism promotion through cinematography.

B: Thank you for that interesting question. Movies and TV shows inspire many viewers to visit the filming locations.

Wednesday May 10, 2023 - ảnh 4Ninh Binh province appears in "Kong: Skull island"

A: In 2016 the Hollywood movie “Kong: Skull island” was shot in Vietnam’s Ninh Binh province. Since then Ninh Binh province, particularly the filming location, has been world-famous.

B: The Southeast Asian edition of the US magazine Travel+Leisure ranked Ninh Binh 10th in its list of 12 tourist destinations in Asia that have appeared in a popular film. Ninh Binh also made the list of the 5 most underrated travel destinations in Southeast Asia by British magazine Time Out.

A: The US magazine Forbes named Ninh Binh one of the 23 best places to travel in 2023. Forbes said: "It’s rising in popularity on social media, so it won’t stay a hidden gem for too long. Go while it still offers a very authentic northern Vietnam experience."

B: Some movies that contain footage shot in Vietnam are “The Quiet American”, “L’Amant”, “Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam”, “The Chinese Botanist's Daughters”, “The Bride from Hanoi”, and “Pan”.  

A: And a new film called “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” now screening on Netflix. Since its debut on April 21, “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” has received lots of positive reviews. 10 days after its release, the movie became the most watched English-language film on Netflix. Many viewers say they want to come to Vietnam to visit the places in the movie and experience Vietnamese culture.

B: A TV project called “Let's Feast Vietnam” promoting Vietnamese culture, tourism, and cuisine just finished filming in four Vietnamese cities and is in post-production.

A: 14 content creators and celebrities from six Asian countries participated in the reality show “Let's Feast Vietnam”. Tran Hai Van, Deputy Director of the Department for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said: "Our policy is to associate tourism development with the development of culture and the entertainment industry. This show will present the connection between tourism and the entertainment industry, and culture is a foundation to promote sustainable tourism development in Vietnam.”

B: The show will have five episodes, with teams taking up challenges set by the show’s creators in Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phu Quoc. The contestants will create short videos expressing their personalities and promoting Vietnamese culture, tourism, and cuisine to post on social platforms.

Ngo Bich Hanh, Deputy Director of the BHD Company, a co-creator of the program, said: "Video creators in Asia have profound influence. We created this program to bring them to Vietnam to experience our culture, tourism and cuisine and promote Vietnamese tourism after the pandemic.”

A: “Let's Feast Vietnam” will be broadcast on the fanpages of contestants and celebrities and the fanpage system of BHD to 100 million followers on social platforms.

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