VOV journalists join the frontline forces against COVID-19

Lai Hoa-Ngoc Anh
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Ready to expose themselves to danger, VOV journalists have accompanied Vietnam’s frontline forces against the pandemic to report on their hard work and implementation of the Party and State’s anti-pandemic measures. VOV is following the exhortation to “fight the pandemic as if fighting an enemy.”
VOV journalists join the frontline forces against COVID-19 - ảnh 1The farewell meeting for VOV's journalists to go to the south (photo: VOV)

VOV’s four media platforms and digital applications regularly broadcast COVID-19 news, affirming VOV’s role, as a key national media agency, to report what is happening in Vietnam promptly and accurately.

VOV Vice President Pham Manh Hung, said: “VOV has specific plans for the whole system, which includes radio, online newspaper, and digital platforms. We have verified all information and promptly corrected and refuted any malicious misinformation. VOV and other official sources have helped the public get accurate information on pandemic prevention and control.”

Leaving behind their own families and business affairs, the journalists are voluntarily working side by side with other anti-pandemic forces. Thanh Luong, who works for VOV2, is covering HCMC and the southern region, Vietnam’s COVID-19 epicenter right now.

“I volunteered to bring my experience and ability to work independently to the south. I want to give the public honest stories and images of life in the pandemic’s epicenter.”

VOV’s bureaus in HCMC and the Mekong Delta, VOV’s Traffic Channel in HCMC, and VTC in the south all have their own working plan.

Nguyen Ngoc Nam, Director of VOV’s Bureau in HCMC, said: “Our journalists have been working in hotspots, lockdown areas, and high-risk areas for more than 3 months, facing hardships and emotional pressure. We encourage each other to try hard to avoid any interruption of news reporting and do all we can to help the community.”   

In addition to news updates, VOV is providing stories containing explanations and advice to help the public understand and support the government’s pandemic measures. VOV is committed to helping Vietnam contain the pandemic and advance to a safer, more productive post-pandemic phase.