National Assembly deputies discuss how to live safely with pandemic

Hong Van
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(VOVWORLD) -2022 will be a time for Vietnam to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and regain its growth momentum. At the on-going National Assembly session, deputies have proposed solutions to shape Vietnam’s economic future. 
National Assembly deputies discuss how to live safely with pandemic - ảnh 1National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue (Photo:

Because totally eliminating COVID-19 will be long and complicated, Vietnam and many other countries have chosen to co-exist with the disease in a way that allows the resumption of economic growth.

Quick recovery

National Assembly Deputy Le Minh Hoan of Dong Thap province stressed the need to improve the economy’s resilience and autonomy. Deputy Nguyen Minh Son of Tien Giang province echoed the Government’s three focuses of economic management: to restore and promote production and business; to boost exports; and to accelerate public investment capital disbursement and mobilize social resources to develop infrastructure. He said the identification of these three focuses is absolutely correct in the current difficult situation, but the way to do it must be really effective.

National Assembly deputies discuss how to live safely with pandemic - ảnh 2Deputy Nguyen Minh Son of Tien Giang province (Photo:

Deputy Tran Van Lam of Bac Giang emphasized the goal of maintaining macroeconomic stability. “The fundamental indicators of our economy are still sound – macroeconomic  stability, major balances in the economy, and budget revenue exceeding estimates. Imports and exports continue to grow. This is essential for recovery and growth by the end of the year. The Government’s 12 solutions are comprehensive, inclusive, cohesive, and suitable in the current context. I highly appreciate that the Government has made maintaining macroeconomic stability a top priority. Only by maintaining macroeconomic stability can we preserve the results of growth and development,” Mr. Lam said.

According to National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue, who represents Hai Phong city, voters across the country are expecting a monumental decision on pandemic response and socio-economic recovery. He said: “The National Assembly and the Government have discussed a master program on socio-economic recovery and development, which is very important to adaptation in the post-pandemic period. Surely, the National Assembly will issue a resolution to clarify this issue. It’s important to adjust fiscal and monetary policies to match demand, supply, and resources.”

Living safely with the pandemic

During economic recovery, health safety remains the top priority. Vaccines must be distributed and investment must be made in medical treatment and rehabilitation system to allow quick adaptation to new virus strains. If the pandemic is effectively contained, the recovery process will accelerate, according to Deputy Hoang Van Cuong of Hanoi.

“If you do a good job in pandemic prevention, you will recover quickly. The leading issue of 2022 solutions is vaccine coverage. Living safely with COVID-19 means securing vaccines. In addition to importing vaccines, we must develop our own vaccines. Second, we need aggressive, unified leadership from the central government to the locality. Third, in 2022, we need to allocate more resources, first to give businesses access to cheap capital. In addition, the Government should get businesses involved in such projects as logistics services and digital transformation,” Mr. Cuong said.

Vietnam cannot keep its doors closed forever, and there remain many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But by adopting safe, flexible, and effective solutions, Vietnam will gradually restore its pace of growth.