Exploring Hoi An culture in Hanoi

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(VOVWORLD) - The program "Happy Spring of the Dragon Year: Cultural Nuances of Hoi An" was held over the weekend at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi. The event introduced the traditional Tet and cultural heritages of Hoi An.

Exploring Hoi An culture in Hanoi - ảnh 1Happy Spring of the Dragon Year: Cultural Nuances of Hoi An at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (photo: Hai Ha)

The program gave visitors an opportunity to hear Quang folk singing and Sac Bua singing and play folk games. Tong Quoc Hung, the head of Hoi An's Culture and Information Department, said: “Hoi An introduced our folk songs and traditional crafts, which were honored by UNESCO, by making Hoi An a member of the Global Creative City Network. We also introduced traditional dishes of Hoi An and Quang people like Cao Lau, Quang noodles, and rose cake. Hoi An has many craft villages, and this time we introduced bamboo sculpture and products of Kim Bong carpentry village and Thanh Ha pottery village.”

The program’s activities allowed the public explore Hoi An’s folk arts and traditional crafts. Hoi An ancient town, where artisans make pottery, wooden and bamboo items, and lanterns, was recreated, lit with Hoi An lanterns.

Exploring Hoi An culture in Hanoi - ảnh 2Children make pottery products with artisans from Hoi An. (photo: Hai Ha)

Artisan Huynh Phuong Do said: “I carve artworks from bamboo roots. Completing a product involves selecting a bamboo root, chiseling it, and treating it against termites. Each stage is difficult. The bamboo plant symbolizes Vietnamese perseverance, tolerance, and hard work.”

The program aimed to teach young people about Vietnamese culture and inspire them to protect and promote their heritage.

Visitor Do Phuong Uyen said: “I liked this program very much. I’m making a clay dish. This is my first experience.”

The "Happy Spring of the Dragon Year: Cultural Nuances of Hoi An" program used technology to recreate Hoi An spaces and enhance visitors’ experience.