Wednesday January 10, 2024

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(VOVWORLD) -  First on our show today, we’d like to welcome Joandric Ávila Fernández of Costa Rica. In his very first very correspondence to VOV, he wrote: “Friends of the Voice of Vietnam. I have been closely observing the celebrations in Vietnam, and I extend congratulations to all the Vietnamese people. I send my best wishes of health, peace and prosperity for this New Year. I also express my best wishes for the country of Vietnam.”
Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 1Kiss bridge in Phu Quoc is for kissing, not for crossing, says CNN

B: Listening to our broadcast on December 27, 29, 31 from 23:30 to 23:57 on the frequency of 9840 kHz, he rated SINPO at all 3s. Thank you, Fernández, for tuning in to VOV and sending us greetings on the occasion of New Year 2024. We also wish you all the best for the New Year and hope to receive more feedback from you.

A: We’d like to welcome Peter Ng of Malaysia back to VOV. He has been listening to VOV for several years but we have only recently received feedback from him.

B: Listening to the VOV broadcast on December 10 at 10:00 UTC on the frequency of 9840 kHz, Peter Ng shared his interest in our Sunday show about the Hanoi Old Quarter and Vietnamese traditional craft. He also asked for updates of the program schedule and QSL card.

A: We will send you our program updates and QSL cards to verify the quality of your reception. We hope to hear from you more regularly.

B: Saleem Chadhar of VOV Seven Stars Radio Listeners Club sent us greetings from Pakistan and reception notes for several programs on the frequency of 7220 kHz. Using a Tecsun PL 660 radio with a telescopic antenna, his reception was reported with SINPO of all 5s.

A: This week, VOVWorld received more than 600  correspondences from listeners in 36 countries and territories.

B: The listeners continued to send us New Year greetings with wishes for a New Year filled with luck, happiness, and success plus wishes for VOV’s further growth and a wider listening audience.

A: Commenting on our story about CNN praising Kiss Bridge in Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island, many listeners including Noun Bopha of Cambodia asked for more details about the bridge in Phu Quoc Island District, Kien Giang Province.

Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 2

B: The US-based multinational news channel CNN described Kiss Bridge as a new selfie hotspot where couples can share a romantic moment against the sunset.

A: Crafted by Italian architect Marco Casamonti, the design of Kiss Bridge took inspiration from “The Creation of Adam”, the classical fresco created by Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel in Rome, and “The Legend of Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu”, a Vietnamese folk tale about two young lovers who are separated by the Jade Emperor but permitted to meet once a year on the O Thuoc Bridge.

Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 3Kiss Bridge is crafted by Italian architect Marco Casamonti

B: This architectural wonder spans a distance of 800 meters with two separate walkways coming from opposing directions. In the middle there is a 30 centimeter gap, a distance which can be easily crossed with an embrace, a handshake, or… even a kiss.

Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 4(Photo:

A: The precise point of the gap has also been calculated to capture a spectacular sight – every January 1, the setting sun gracefully descends right between the bridge’s two arches, creating a charming scene, making it one of the world’s most stunning sunset spots.

B: CNN said Phu Quoc is also regarded as Vietnam’s best island getaway and is favored by honeymooners, adding that the Kiss Bridge expands the list of must-visit places when coming to the island.

A: Next, in his correspondence to VOV this week, Bidhan Chandra Sanyal of India wrote: “As the old year passes, everyone hopes that the New Year will be special. May the New Year bring unending joy, peace, prosperity, relief and momentum to everyone’s life after looking back on the memories of the old year. It is desirable to make everyone’s dream come true.”

B: Fachri Fachri of Indonesia listened to our broadcast on January 5 on the frequency of 9480 kHz with SINPO of all 4s. He shared his interest with our coverage on Vietnam’s key tasks for 2024 set out by the Government. Travel news source “Travel Off Path” has named Vietnam the safest country to visit in 2024.

A: This week, we received multiple letters from Fumito Hokamura of Japan who and many listeners asked about destinations to visit during the traditional Lunar New Year Festival.

Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 5 Da Lat – the City of Eternal Spring. (Photo:

B: For many foreigners, Tet is often written off as a time to avoid travel to Vietnam because most shops, restaurants, and entertainment places will be closed during Tet. But isn’t it a big disappointment if you don’t get to see the streets filled with colorful lights and lanterns, the beautiful peach blossoms and golden apricot blossoms along with those tiny little red lucky money envelopes? Plus, the beaches and cities will mostly be empty – which is great for those who prefer a getaway trip with a bit of tranquility.

A: If you are in Vietnam during these days, you are recommended to check out Da Lat, Hoi An, Hanoi and HCM City, the 4 places suggested as Tet destinations for foreigners by vietnamonline.

B: First, Da Lat – the City of Eternal Spring. There is a reason why this beautiful city is very well-known with all the lovely-dovey couples and honeymooners. Being the capital city of Lam Dong Province, Da Lat is famous for its lovely French villas, the fresh air, green valleys and beautiful pine forests.

A: There is no need to worry about what to do in Da Lat during Tet, as there are a lot of tourist attractions you will want to see. These include the imposing 2,167- meter high Langbiang Mountain where the trekkers won’t be disappointed with the hiking challenge that gives you a marvelous view of the whole wide floral city.

B: Paradise Lake in Da Lat is a big tourist attraction with a breathtaking view and a unique style of camping, plus healthy activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, fishing and visiting the famous Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 6Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam  (Photo: Phu Thanh/

A: Next is Hoi An – the Lantern Town. If you are worried about closed shops and restaurants during Tet holiday, visit Hoi An. Right upon your arrival, you will realize that it’s the place to be – an ancient town just like in the movie! So much mouth-watering street food to try and so much shopping needs to be done with professional local tailors. You will be left with unexpected pleasure after pleasure. And of course, there’s the gorgeous old peaceful street view.

B: During the Lunar New Year festival, the whole charming town will be lit up by hundreds of colorful lanterns and a series of culture and art performances.

Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 7Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. (Photo:

A: You should also visit Hanoi where you can feel the unusual tranquility. Hanoi is amazingly quiet during the first few days of the festival. No more traffic jams or crowds. No more horns from vehicles. Hanoi as you will see during the Tet holiday is back to being a charming little city where you can enjoy a hot authentic Vietnamese coffee while doing a bit of walking in the Old Quarter on a typical cool winter day.

B: The Temple of Literature, Scholars’ Street, pagodas and temples are the popular places during Tet. And if tourists want to do something else, there are still several bars open during Tet Holiday.

Wednesday January 10, 2024 - ảnh 8Overnight tour of Ho Chi Minh City launched

A: Last is Ho Chi Minh City – the City of Lights. From enjoying some classic smoky jazz in District 3 to rocking yourself up with the EDM anthems in District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City is the city that doesn’t sleep. The night life here needs no introduction with parties and suppers everywhere, with creative cocktails and all-nighters.

B: On the Lunar New Year’s Eve, you can either choose to countdown at the bars, or watch fireworks in the street with the locals. Attending “Nguyen Hue Flower Street Festival” and “Tao Dan Flower Festival” is another way to celebrate Tet in a very local way. There will be beautiful flower decorations of mostly red and yellow – the two colors that represent Tet, featuring folk music, games and heavenly dishes in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

A: Seeing is believing.  We hope to see you soon in Vietnam. that’s all we have for this week’s Letter Box. We’d like to thank you all for your interest in VOV, for sharing your love of our country, and for sending us your feedback. We hope to see you soon in Vietnam.

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