Le Chauffage classical music concert No. 4 - sharing kindness

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(VOVWORLD) - For the past 5 years, pianist Tran Le Bao Quyen and her brother, violinist Tran Le Quang Tien have held “Le Chauffage” (Warming Up), a series of annual classical music concerts to raise money for charity. Both are music majors studying in Germany but have been using their semester breaks to perform in Vietnam. After a one-year delay due to Covid-19, the siblings will return with the 4th “Le Chauffage” concert to be held on January 13 at the Hanoi Opera House.

Le Chauffage classical music concert No. 4 - sharing kindness - ảnh 1Pianist Bao Quyen and violinist Quang Tien perform at the third season of Le Chauffage. 

“My name is Van Anh, and I represent “Am Project”, the concert’s organizer. I myself wish to contribute to the community. When I met Bao Quyen and Quang Tien, who were studying music in Germany and returned home and helped make “Le Chauffage” possible, I realized that we had a lot in common. We all wish to spread a spirit of charity in the community.”

"My name is Mark Sayer. I’m the Principle of the British - Vietnamese International School of Hanoi. This concert is very important. Not only does it celebrate music, but it celebrates the musical ability of one of our former students, Quang Tien, who left us in November to go to conservatoire in Germany. More importantly, it’s the celebration and remembering of Anna, Do Hanh An, again one of our former students, who is suffering from acute Leukemia and is in hospital in Singapore. It’s really important that we use this opportunity as a charity concert to raise awareness of her condition and to raise funds so that she can complete the course of medication that she needs to get better."

“I’m Le Son Ha, a member of “Sharing Love”. Our group supports children who needs medical care, who live in remote areas, and orphans. It seems fated that we, who share a passion for charitable causes, could participate in this concert together.”

Van Anh, Mark Sayer, and Son Ha have worked with the Tran siblings in past “Le Chauffage” concerts. This year, the young artists will join forces with Vietnamese charities “Heartbeat” and “Aspiration” to support the long-term education of more than 400 orphans.

Pianist Bao Quyen said: “My brother and I were born and raised in Vietnam, so we both have a special connection and a sense of responsibility to our country. As a pianist, I can’t think of a more practical contribution than performing to my people, in my homeland. I hope everyone will join us for our 4th “Le Chauffage” concert on January 13 and in our future concerts as well.”

Le Chauffage classical music concert No. 4 - sharing kindness - ảnh 2Pianist Tran Le Bao Quyen 

In 2012, Tran Le Bao Quyen graduated from the National Academy of Music in Vietnam under the guidance of Professor Dao Trong Tuyen, one of Vietnam’s top solo pianists. In 2017, she completed her undergraduate studies in piano performance at the Academy of Fine Arts in Darmstadt, Germany and earned her Master degree in piano performance at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. She is pursuing a postgraduate degree under Professors Sabine Simon and Henri Sigfridsson.

Le Chauffage classical music concert No. 4 - sharing kindness - ảnh 3Violinist Tran Le Quang Tien

Her brother, Tran Le Quang Tien, studied violin with Professor Bùi Công Duy and is in his fourth year of violin studies at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. The 21-year-old violinist won many international awards, including First Prize at the International String Competition in Thailand in 2014, the International Violin Competition in Kazakhstan in 2016, and a Special Prize for Outstanding Performance of Contemporary Works at the Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians in 2017.
For many Vietnamese, classical music is considered a niche interest, but this never stopped the siblings from pursuing their passion. Their growth as artists, in technique, composure, and sensibility, is evident in each passing season of “Le Chauffage”.

Bao Quyen said: “The two of us always mature just a bit more after every “Le Chauffage” concert, in our personalities, characters, and music. Our love and longing for our parents and our homeland, however, stay the same.”

The repertoire of the 4th “Le Chauffage” is still a secret. According to the concert’s organizers, Bao Quyen and Quang Tien, will remain faithful to the classical style of European concerts, which are known for their elegance, high standards, and intimacy with the audience. The concerts have been held regularly since 2019, with only one missing year due to COVID-19. They are proof of the artists’ efforts to connect with the classical music community in Vietnam and nurture a love for classical music among Vietnamese.

Bao Quyen said: “I always want to share the kindness I received and learned from my teachers. I believe that offering someone kindness, and emotional and spiritual value, is just as necessary as offering them physical and materialistic value. The more science and technology develop, the more we need art to heal and give us balance.”

Le Chauffage classical music concert No. 4 - sharing kindness - ảnh 4Pianist Bao Quyen and violinist Quang Tien perform at the second season of Le Chauffage.

The siblings’ message of “Le Chauffage", or “Warming Up”' is also their way of connecting with Vietnamese people. Without a need for anything showy, “Le Chauffage” offers the highest level of respect to its audiences, who come to the concert out of love and curiosity for classical music and to pass on the inspiration and value they receive.