Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide

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(VOVWORLD) - Hà Giang in the northernmost part of Vietnam is around 300 kilometers north of Hanoi. The province is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity, and adventurous motorbike routes, notably the Ha Giang Loop which takes you on a thrilling ride through majestic mountains, vibrant rice terraces, and charming ethnic villages. Along the way, you’ll meet friendly locals and experience their unique cultures. The Ha Giang Loop is a paradise for backpackers who love nature, culture and an unforgettable lifetime experience.
Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide - ảnh 1Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide

The Ha Giang Loop has attracted a lot of travelers these days:  

“The HaGiang Loop was really fun. The feeling of riding the motorbike was really cool. It was really fun, the sights were really clear and we could see a lot of scenery in the countryside.”

“The Ha Giang Loop was insane, with its incredible view and stunning scenery. With the cool people that I met, everything was really fun.”

“I had a really fun time. I rode by myself, and it was amazing. The view was dazzling. It was just fun being on the bike. And you know, every night you meet lots of people from all over the world. I felt it was really fun as well.”

Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide - ảnh 2(Photo: Mad Monkey Hanoi)

Though travelers can reach Ha Giang by car, motorbikes seem to be the transportation most preferred by backpackers who are seeking adventures and to discover the land by themselves. This is a region with very little arable land. The main area is spectacularly shaped stone fields.

The sheer joy of the journey lies in traversing the breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beyond imagination. Along the way, travelers experience ethnic villages, tribal settlements, rugged valleys, limestone peaks, towering mountains, and of course, the multi-layered waterfalls. The feeling of driving through winding curves will always make you excited every time you think about your memories from riding the Ha Giang Loop.

Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide - ảnh 3(Photo: Mad Monkey Hanoi)

A foreign traveler says: “It was very nice. I had amazing views all along the way during the 3‑day journey. I also met a lot of people.”

“The Loop was stunning. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Obviously I saw pictures beforehand, but experiencing that in real life was just surreal. I felt like I was in a movie or something,” said another foreigner.

Travelers often stop at places like Meo Vac, Dong Van or Lung Cu to explore local culture, the beautiful scenery and taste the region’s special cuisine. The Ha Giang Loop is not just a journey for drivers but also an impressive adventure and profound experience amidst Vietnam’s pristine nature.

As the province is home to various ethnic minority groups such as the H’mong, Tay, Dao, and Lo Lo, a trip to Ha Giang is always full of new and surprising discoveries. Tourists can visit these villages to learn about their unique traditions, participate in traditional activities, and even stay overnight in homestays to experience authentic village life.

Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide - ảnh 4

Markets play a vital role in the lives of mountain communities in Ha Giang. Visiting bustling local markets, such as Dong Van Market or Meo Vac Market is amazing, where you can witness the vibrant trading activities and observe the diverse array of goods on sale, including fresh produce, handicrafts, and traditional clothing. It’s also an excellent opportunity to interact with locals and taste their delicious food.

Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide - ảnh 5Foreign tourists speak to VOV about their experience of Ha Giang Loop

Although exploring the Ha Giang Loop is truly worth experiencing, travelers also need to prepare for the challenges along this route. For many trekkers riding the Ha Giang loop is not always easy.

“I’m was not feeling comfortable enough to ride a motorbike by myself because it was a curvy road and also dangerous in some areas,” a foreign tourist told VOV.

“I have never ridden a motorbike before, so I was learning to ride on the HaGiang road which maybe was not a good idea. I fell off the motorbike once, but it was completely fine. I was very lucky because I heard that there are riders who hurt themselves while riding the loop.”

Nowadays, the Ha Giang Loop tour has attracted a growing number of both Vietnamese and foreign travelers. Travel companies are making it easier for travelers by providing organized tours which enable them to explore Ha Giang’s stunning landscapes and cultural diversity without the hassle of planning everything themselves. With these tours, travelers can simply relax and enjoy the adventure, knowing that everything is taken care of for them.

Ms. Do Hoang Anh of “Mad Monkey Tour and Hostels”,  one of the popular tour organizers for the Ha Giang Loop, says that the number of visitors taking Ha Giang loop tour has increased this year.

“Recent trends show a rapid increase in the number of tourists taking HaGiang Loop tours, especially after the Covid‑19 pandemic, thanks to the social media platform TikTok. Young people aged 20-35 are often very interested in the HaGiang Loop tour, but it’s less common among those who are 35 and older. Mostly, it’s the 20-30 age group who are keen on this adventure tour because at that age, they still have the energy to enjoy such an adventurous trip,” said Hoang Anh.

Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide - ảnh 6Ms. Do Hoang Anh at “Mad Monkey Tour and Hostels” says the number of visitors taking Ha Giang loop tour has increased this year.

Exploring the Ha Giang Loop is indeed a memorable experience, but safety always comes first. Before embarking on this journey, make sure you have an international driver’s license and understand how to safely operate a motorcycle. This is crucial to avoid any dangers on the winding mountain roads characteristic of the Ha Giang region.

Ms. Hoang Anh said:  "Make sure to thoroughly research the tour company organizing your Ha Giang Loop tour. Safety should be the top priority since it’s an adventurous tourist destination, so look for places that offer travel insurance. For example, at “Mad Monkey” where I work, when we arrange the Ha Giang Loop tour, we automatically provide travel insurance for our guests, so they don’t need to purchase it separately, ensuring absolute safety.”

Exploring Vietnam’s Majestic North: Ha Giang Loop Adventure Guide - ảnh 7(photo: Mad Monkey Hanoi)

Seeing is believing. The Ha Giang Loop promises a journey that surpasses expectations with its natural beauty and thrilling adventures. Those who have visited Ha Giang, never forget their wonderful feelings traveling here.

“I have already done it once, but I am gonna do it a second time,” shared a foreign tourist.

Another tourist said: “I will definitely visit it a second time. I am sure that I had such a good experience that I can’t imagine it would be better but I would love to get there again at some point.”