Hanoi’s flower markets vibrant ahead of Tet

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(VOVWORLD) - A few days before Tet– the Vietnamese Traditional Lunar New Year Fesitval, people are rushing around preparing for the important occasion and flocking to the markets for fresh flowers, ornamental plants and a slew of other Tet decorations. VOV reports from various flower markets around Hanoi.

Quang Ba flower market on Au Co street, Tay Ho, is one of the biggest and busiest flower markets in Hanoi. It’s is getting busier prior to Tet holiday. Nguyễn Thu Huyền from Long Bien District said visiting the market to choose her favorite Tet flowers has become a beautiful tradition of her family when spring approaches. “I like visiting the flower market, where I carefully choose the most beautiful flowers to bring back home. I will buy both peach blossoms and kumquat trees, which are indispensable for the Traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year.”   

Hanoi’s flower markets vibrant ahead of Tet - ảnh 1People flock to the markets for fresh flowers, ornamental plants and a slew of other Tet decorations (Source: dulichtoday.vn)

Tu Lien village in Tay Ho district is famous for growing kumquat trees. Prices of each tree depend on its type, age, and style, ranging from 20 to 200 USD. Gardeners also provide bonsai kumquat trees grown in ceramic pots to meet the buyers’ demands.  A branch of peach is priced from 5 to 30 USD, much cheaper than the entire tree. Pham Van Son is a customer from Cau Giay District. “Tu Lien kumquat trees are famous for their larger fruits and greener leaves than those grown in other places. Farmers here have good fertilization techniques so a branch has all the buds, green fruits, ripe fruits and flowers, so I feel very satisfied.”

Nguyễn Thanh Tú, who grows 500 kumquat trees in Tay Ho District, said that the flowers are blooming on time for Tết because of favourable weather. Even when it’s 1 week ahead of Tet, 70 percent of his trees are sold out. Tu said: “A tree only needs about 1 liter of water a day. Customers can keep the tree up to 8 months after Tet if you know the correct way to water it. This year’s kumquat trees are brighter, and sold at reasonable prices. We work hard all year round in anticipation of this season.”   

Hanoi’s flower markets vibrant ahead of Tet - ảnh 2 Hang Luoc flower market (Source: Vntrip) 

Nhat Tan flower village in Hanoi is currently in the full bloom of peach and kumquat trees ready to welcome in the Tet festival. Local farmers this year also grow and sell white apricot flowers, at the same price of yellow apricot trees. Nguyen Van Manh, owner of a peach garden in Nhat Tan told VOV: “On average, a big apricot tree cost from 500 to 700 USD. We also offer them for rent. The apricot flowers can be displayed for 1 month. You just need to water it three times per week and the flowers will bloom beautifully in white on the occasion of the Tet holiday.”

Branches of flowering peaches, kumquat trees, and orchids are for sale along the sidewalks on Hoang Hoa Tham, Lac Long Quang, Lang, Nguyen Chanh street, and the Hang Luoc flower market. Other kind of ornamental trees and flowers are chrysanthemum, tulip, lily, sunflower and orchid. Buying colorful spring flowers, people enjoy the Tet’s joyous atmosphere and hope for lots of luck in the year ahead.