Hanoi to be built into more wealthy, beautiful, civilized and modern capital city

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(VOVWORLD) -Today, October 10, marks the 67th anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day. From a war-ravaged urban area with a population of 440,000 people, Hanoi has constantly strived to grow. 
Hanoi to be built into more wealthy, beautiful, civilized and modern capital city - ảnh 1Hanoi constantly strives to grow. (Photo: tuoitrethudo.vn)

Currently, although accounting for only 1% of Vietnam’s total area and 8.5% of the country's population, the capital city every year contributes over 16% of GDP, 18.5% of budget revenue, 20% of domestic revenue, and 8.6% of total export and import turnover. With its rising role and position Hanoi deserves to be the heart of Vietnam and a major trading hub of the region and the world.

On this occasion, Dinh Tien Dung, Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee and Head of the Hanoi National Assembly Delegation, wrote an article titled "Motivation to build a richer and more beautiful Hanoi.” The article affirmed that 67 years ago, Hanoi joyfully sang a triumphal song to welcome the returning victorious army. The "Capital Liberation Day" event has become an inspiration for Hanoi to overcome all difficulties and challenges. Proud of the past, looking to the future, the Party Committee, administration, and people of Hanoi are determined to maintain peace in order to build and develop the capital city, which is worthy of trust and love of the whole country.

Dinh Tien Dung pointed out tasks amid the complicated and unpredictable developments of the Covid-19 pandemic. He said the city will make every effort to maintain its achievements in the fight against Covid-19 and adopt safe, flexible adaptation to pandemic situation by following the six principles set forth by the Prime Minister: Health is the pillar; economy is the foundation; science - technology data is key; socio-political stability is important and permanent; vaccines, medicines and people's awareness are prerequisites; and safety for production, production must be safe. In particular, Hanoi continues to ask for quicker distribution of vaccines to fully vaccinate its population in October.

For socio-economic recovery and development, from now until the end of the year, the city will focus on three important tasks: Concentrating resources, speeding up the disbursement of basic construction investment capital; collecting and spending budget effectively; strengthening administrative reform, and removing difficulties facing production and businesses.

The Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee affirmed that Hanoi will constantly strive to be exemplary in building a clean and strong Party Committee and political system; uphold the thousand-year tradition of civilization, heroism, and the great unity of the people; promote innovation and international integration; build a richer and more beautiful, civilized and modern capital city in line with the 17th Congress of the Party Committee of Hanoi for 2020-2025 term.