“Tet in My Heart” – a folk culture festival for children

Thuy Tien, Le Phuong
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The folk culture festival “Tet in My Heart” is one of the activities organized by Lionsbook Publishing House to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year of the Dragon. The event introduces cultural diversity and Tet customs practiced in different regions across Vietnam through a range of attractive cultural activities from many ethnic groups.
“Tet in My Heart” – a folk culture festival for children - ảnh 1“Telling Stories with Traditional Musical Instruments” is a highlight at the "Tet in my heart" Festival. (photo: VOV)

At the “Tet in My Heart” festival, the organizer creates a space to make children better understand and connect them with Vietnamese national cultural values through folk games and performances of musical instruments typical of each region.

Chieu Xuan, Founder of Lionsbook, said: “Using the keyword “global citizen” we aim to provide a space to connect children with cultural values, customs, and traditions. They will be inspired to learn more about the national culture, which is a solid foundation for them to grow and become global citizens.”

At the festival, both parents and children were fascinated with the bamboo pole dance of the Thai ethnic group, the making of traditional cakes by northern ethnic groups and the new rice celebration of the Central Highlanders. Some of them shared their feelings.

“I like the bamboo pole dance the most. I learned that it’s a dance of ethnic Thai people,” said a child.

“This is the first time my children have played these games. It was fun to play with them. I joined the bamboo pole dance and other activities with my children,” said a mother.

“Tet in My Heart” – a folk culture festival for children - ảnh 2The children make traditional cakes. (photo: VOV)

Ms. Chieu Xuan said talked about a highlight activity: “We organized a workshop called “Telling Stories with Traditional Musical Instruments” which enabled children to read books in a new, more lively way. Traditional musical instruments, such as the 16-string zithers, two-string zithers, and flutes are relatively difficult to play. Here they can listen and learn about them and be inspired by traditional music.”

The story-telling activity combined with traditional musical instruments is one of the highlights of the festival. Under the guidance of lecturer Huyen Machi, Master of Vietnamese Studies, the children listened to fascinating stories about traditional Tet activities and enjoyed traditional music from different ethnic groups.

Dao Thi Cam Tu, a participant, said: “I really like storytelling combining puppetry with music. They made big puppets for the children to easily enjoy and they played folk music. It’s very creative and interesting.”

Through ten unique folk games and cultural folk practices, the “Tet in My Heart” festival brought unforgettable memories to the children and parents.

“Tet in My Heart” – a folk culture festival for children - ảnh 3The children make wood-block printing pictures. (photo: VOV)

A child shares her feeling: “I like playing “ô ăn quan” (mandarin’s squares). It’s fun. I also like the traditional clothes of many ethnic groups.”

“I joined the story-telling session, played lion chess, mandarin’s squares, made woodblock paintings, and danced with bamboo poles. I was most impressed with the woodblock painting activity. When printing, I felt the perfection of the art and made some lucky money envelopes to bring home,” said a boy. 

“My children made hairpins from peach blossoms and drew carp paintings. It’s interesting to let the children experience the Tet atmosphere and traditional culture through activities like this,” said a mother.

Educational activities to promote traditional cultural practices are no longer limited to schools, but are now practiced in different spaces with lively interactions.