Learn how to make traditional cakes at schools in Can Tho

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(VOVWORLD) - Students in the Southern province of Can Tho are now taught how to make traditional cakes of the South, as part of new general educational curriculum from the Ministry of Education and Training. These activities help pupils gain necessary life skills for their future.

An exciting extra-curricular period at Vo Truong Toan primary school in Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city is open for pupils learning how to make traditional cakes. All the students are excited to make dough, moulding, and cook. With instructions from artisans and teachers, pupils are taught to make various kinds of cakes such as banh xeo, a kind of Vietnamese pancake, banh beo (steamed rice cake), banh bot loc (clear pork and shrimp dumpling).  Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Ngan is a 5th grader: “I feel relaxed whenever I make cakes. Now I can make many kinds of cakes”.

Learn how to make traditional cakes at schools in Can Tho - ảnh 1

The pupils are making banh bot loc (Photo: VOV)

These activities are designed for 3rd to 5th graders. The students are taught to make one kind of cake for each lesson. Teacher Doan Thi Thu Thuy from Vo Truong Toan primary school said: “The pupils are so excited to take part in these activities. We also organize a traditional cake festival where the children can join artisans to make cakes”.

Making traditional cakes is a favorite activity for pupils in Mac Dinh Chi primary school. They are eager to prepare ingredients, and get involved in traditional cooking methods. These activities not only help boost pupils’ creativity but also help them appreciate tradition. Vo Nguyet Khiet Anh is a 5th grader at Mac Dinh Chi primary school: “I like the step of baking cakes the most. From this, I know how hard the artisans have to work to create a delicious cake”.

Learn how to make traditional cakes at schools in Can Tho - ảnh 2

Artisan Truong Thi Chieu instructs the pupils how to garnish a cake tray (Photo: VOV)

These activities are widely organized at schools to promote teamwork. The pupils are divided into groups to make cake. Artisan Truong Thi Chieu said:

“These activities are meaningful which make the children understand and appreciate traditional dishes. I hope that Vietnam’s traditional cakes will be promoted to the world”.

Vietnam’s Southern region now has about 100 kinds of traditional cakes which are made by different cooking methods.