Iconic radio voices speak to the world

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(VOVWORLD) - An impressive radio broadcast is more than just the story’s content. It’s also the delivery of the presenter. Generations of VOVWorld reporters and broadcasters have left a long-lasting impression on listeners through their voices.

Iconic radio voices speak to the world - ảnh 1

Announcer Trinh Thi Ngo, better known as “Thu Huong”or “Hanoi Hannah”, delivered “A small talk to American GIs”, a radio broadcast during the Vietnam War. Former US President John F. Kennedy said the Vietnamese government used an appealing voice to undermine the morale of American soldiers in Vietnam. Ngo has been a legend of Vietnamese radio ever since.

Other announcers at VOVWorld — Tran Sinh (Chinese program), Phạm Thị Thi (French program), Nguyen Thi Tuyet (Japanese program), Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam (Russian program), Pham Dinh Que (Laotian program), and Tu Thuy (Indonesian program) — have used their voice to promote Vietnam to the world.

Iconic radio voices speak to the world - ảnh 2Announcer Tu Thuy of the Indonesian program.

Many Indonesian listeners find the voice of announcer Tu Thuy very familiar because it sounds so much like a native.

"A radio broadcaster should not only master the language he uses on but also have a passion for and dedication to the job. I do my job with all my heart and receive an enormous amount of love from listeners all over the world," said Thuy.

"When you love a certain language, you will learn about that country, its people and culture. I want to be a linguistic ambassador when I’m with Indonesian people. Since 1987, when I started working at VOV, I’ve felt as excited as the first time I went on the air because I always feel like I’m speaking to thousands of listeners,"  she added. 

A reporter and radio presenter should not only excel in the language they use but also equip themselves with knowledge about its country’s culture and customs covered in the stories they broadcast.

Iconic radio voices speak to the world - ảnh 3 VOVWorld Director Nguyen Tien Long.

Nguyen Tien Long, VOVWorld Director, said that an On-air personality in modern radio broadcasting can make or break a program, adding that he is so proud to see more and more young announcers at VOVWorld whose unique styles win listeners’ hearts. It’s not easy to find a good radio voice because it requires everyday practice, he said. 

Many VOVWorld presenters are praised for their natural, friendly, and attractive way of delivery. Le Phuong Khanh from the English Service said she wants her listeners to think of her as a good friend full of positive energy.

Iconic radio voices speak to the world - ảnh 4Announcer Phuong Khanh (R) at the National Radio Festival in 2020.

Khanh has been working as a radio presenter for eight years and won the Best Radio Host title at the National Radio Festival in 2018 and 2020. 

"I want to make my listeners feel that they’re special so I always try to talk to them instead of just reading the script in front of me. This is not an easy job but I’m practicing day after day. Also, I want to create an attractive personality whenever I go on the air," she said.