A trip through childhood in Do Trong Quy’s “One endless summer” exhibition

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(VOVWORLD) - With 25 large-scale still-life paintings about toys, painter Do Trong Quy’s first solo exhibition “One endless summer” offers its viewers a trip back to childhood in a creative and beautiful way.  

A trip through childhood in Do Trong Quy’s “One endless summer” exhibition - ảnh 1The exhibition runs until June 13, 2021, at Mo Art Space in Hanoi. Photo: vannghequandoi.com.vn

“One Endless Summer” presents Quy’s latest artworks from the past year, and depicts his emotional experiences through inanimate toys. Quy has incorporated imagery from his toy collection – including cars, boats, animals, and tiny people – into landscapes of household objects, creating dramatic encounters in his capricious world of figures. Quy told VOV: "In the past, I would buy a new toy every time I was feeling unhappy and it made me feel much better. My house has been full of toys ever since. And I observed a lot of things in life. I would recreate an accident scene I saw on the street with my toys to reflect my experience in on-going events in life."

The world of Quy’s toys is a binary world of figuration and abstraction, where placement of the toys is reminiscent of a ‘still life painting’, while at the same time forms a bond between the objects. In “One Endless Summer”, the artist chose an assertion of everyday life on small objects and made the mundane look interesting. Quy’s toys are indeed the most celebrated of objects.

"I’m very impressed with Quy’s work “We’re sorry we are in a hurry” and another of 3 trees designed as a closed door that could pop up when we open the door. I find this exhibition very interesting," said a visitor to the exhibition. 

A trip through childhood in Do Trong Quy’s “One endless summer” exhibition - ảnh 2Artist Do Trong Quy. Photo: vnexpress.net

"While other artists focus on big topics, Quy puts colors in his paintings which feature all the simplest things in life. This has made Quy’s work totally different from that of other artists,"  said  3rd year student Nhat Anh of Vietnam’s Fine Arts University. 

“One endless summer” is taking place from 10 am to 7 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, until June 13, at Mơ Art Space, 136 Hang Trong street in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors are advised to contact the organizer before visiting the exhibition.