Thai ethnic man becomes Party member at 58

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(VOVWORLD) - La Van Hoa, an Thai ethnic minority person, is a pioneer in doing business in Han hamlet, Que Phong district, Nghe An province. At the age of 58, he was admitted  to the Communist Party of Vietnam. According to Hoa, being a Party member makes it easier for him to communicate the Party’s guidelines to the people to develop the homeland and have a better life.

Thai ethnic man becomes Party member at 58 - ảnh 1La Van Hoa (R) officially becomes a Party member at the age of 58.(Photo: VOV)

La Van Hoa left school when he was in grade 7 because of his family’s financial difficulties. He stayed at home to help his parents with farm work. Hoa later joined the local Youth Union and became its Secretary. In 2014, Hoa worked for the communal Farmers Association, and in 2016 he was named a prestigious person in his locality.

Hoa recalled his agricultural career, “I started by growing grass and raising cattle and succeeded with that model. Then I expanded to the garden-pond-livestock model, growing sugarcane and acacia.”

Following Hoa’s model, hundreds of hectares of trees have been planted, creating sustainable livelihoods for local people. Hoa also launched a movement to build roads in his village.

“I persuaded local people that a new road was needed. In 2017 I donated money and called on each household to contribute 10 USD. The road has facilitated transportation and boosted sales of local agricultural products. In the past, we grew lots of acacia trees, but no one could sell them because transporting them was too difficult,” said Hoa.

In the past 10 years living conditions in Han village have improved a lot thanks to Hoa’s pioneering efforts. 

“Hoa has adopted multiple innovative economic models and encouraged other people to get involved in animal husbandry and growing sugarcane. He popularized the cultivation of acacia trees, which produces good income,” said Hoa’s neighbor, Vi Van Biet.

Thai ethnic man becomes Party member at 58 - ảnh 2La Van Hoa is a prestigious person in his hamlet. (Photo: VOV) 

Last September Hoa became a Party member at the age of 58. Lo Van Thanh, Secretary of the hamlet’s Party cell, says La Van Hoa is the oldest person to become a Party member in the locality.

“Its a great honor for our Party cell to have a member like Hoa. I hope that as a Party member he will communicate the Party guidelines and encourage people to develop their local econom,” said Thanh.

Hoa was honored by Que Phong district as an outstanding farmer and a role model in studying and following the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh.

“I would like to set an example for my children and grandchildren. As a Party member I will earn peoples trust, and try to understand their wishes and aspirations, and help them,” said Hoa.

Hoa’s daughter is proud of her father. “We strongly supported him in his effort to become a Party member. I hope he will continue to strive as a Party member to serve as a role model.”