Outstanding police officer in Ca Mau province

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(VOVWORLD) - Lieutenant Trinh Huu De in the southernmost province of Ca Mau, has received a certificate of merit from the Minister of Public Security for his active involvement in a special movement among local police forces to defend national security and ensure social order in the localities.

Outstanding police officer in Ca Mau province - ảnh 1Lieutenant Trinh Huu De (standing). (Photo: VOV)

In 2020 Lieutenant De was sent to work for the police force in Dong Hung commune, Cai Nuoc district. De advised the High Command of the Dong police force on preventing and fighting crimes, maintaining social order, and strengthening national defence.

During the action month for issuing e-ID cards, De was in charge of collecting information and making dossiers for local citizens. He worked around the clock to finish the work on time. 

“By using new methods, I was able to efficiently update the personal information of local citizens in line with the Ministry of Public Securitys instructions," said De.

De was asked to set up a one-stop shop service. He never forgets President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching that the police must be respectful, polite, and dedicated to the people. His sincere and dedicated behavior is always highly appreciated by citizens like Le Vu Em.

“Lieutenant De is very dedicated to the people. He is helpful in explaining administrative procedures,” said Em.

De has helped detect and deal with a number of social evils and was active in the fight against COVID-19.

To promote an IT app to prevent and fight fabricated and distorted information online by hostile forces, Lieutenant De set up the Dong Hung 24h Fanpage to communicate Party and State policies and guidelines on cyber security. The Fanpage also constantly updates information on the fight against the pandemic.

“De is dedicated to his work. He is very active in public work, the fight against COVID-19, and running the Dong Hung 24h Fanpage,” said Nguyen Minh Nha, Chairman of Dong Hung commune’s People’s Committee.

In 2019, Lieutenant Trinh Huu De received a certificate of merit from Ca Mau province’s People’s Committee for excellent academic results at Vietnam People’s Security University.

Last year he was honored by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union for his outstanding performance in police forces’ movements.

Recently he received a certificate of merit from the Minister of Public Security for his contribution to national security and social order.