Gia Lai’s ethnic man shines as a role model in doing business

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(VOVWORLD) - Kpa Meo in Chu Prong district, Gia Lai province, is known as a role model in production and poverty reduction in his locality. He has applied technology to agricultural production and improved his family’s income.

Gia Lai’s ethnic man shines as a role model in doing business - ảnh 1Youth Union members learn farming experience from Kpa Meo. (Photo: VOV) 

Kpa Meo’s 4-hectare orchard in Ia O commune, is dedicated to growing jack fruits and durians, which earn him 19,000 USD each year.

Kpa Meo said he has traveled to different areas to select seedlings, and learn cultivation techniques.

“At first, I faced lots of difficulties when shifting to growing fruit trees. Due to lack of experience, the plants were damaged by insect pests. After doing lots of research and learning from other successful farmers, my production has gradually stabilized and generates more income,” said Kpa Meo.

As the first successful model in his locality, Kpa Meo is ready to help other farmers in crop restructuring.

“Kpa Meo showed me how to use fertilizer and look after the jack fruits to gain the highest productivity," said Kpa Luynh, who has a high-yielding orchard of jack fruits and guavas. "I hope that more local people will receive his help to improve their production.”

Kpa Meo is also a role model in learning. Born in 1984 into a poor family, he left school when he was in grade 9. Later, he took several training courses. Kpa Meo also participates in social work and has become a Party member. He has held a number of positions, including Secretary of Ia O commune’s Youth Union, and is now Chairman of the commune’s Vietnam Fatherland Front branch.

Siu Nhi, Vice Secretary of Ia O commune’s Youth Union, said many young people have followed Kpa Meo’s example in learning and production.  

“At the commune’s Youth Union meetings, Kpa Meo shares with young farmers his cultivation techniques, including how to select seedlings and make soil more fertile. His success has inspired many young people,” she said.

Ngo Van Truong, Chairman of Ia O commune’s People’s Committee, said Kpa Meo has always encouraged local people to develop the economy.

“Kpa Meo has monitored the market and adjusted his production, which is considered a role model,” said Truong.

Kpa Meo now has 7 hectares of rubber and 1 hectare of coffee, and employs many local people during the harvest season.