Devoted teachers in remote areas

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(VOVWORLD) - In remote mountain areas, there are devoted teachers who endure hardships to educate children. Teacher Hoang Van Ninh

has taught at a primary school in the most disadvantaged part of Sapa in Lao Cai province for many years. He does not mind the difficulties if it means the local children can get an education.

Devoted teachers in remote areas  - ảnh 1Teachers of Kim Ngan school visit families of disadvantaged students. (Photo: Kieu Thu/

Kim Ngan school, a branch of Ban Khoang primary school in Ngu Chi Son commune, is 50 kilometers from Sapa.

The rough roads to the school go through rugged terrain. It takes Hoang Van Ninh and his fellow teachers more than an hour to get to school every day. Kim Ngan school has three teachers - a primary school teacher and two pre-school teachers. This school year, Hoang Van Ninh is in charge of the first grade class.

“I’m very happy that the parents in this remote area really care about their children’s learning and take them to school regularly,” said Ninh.

Kim Ngan hamlet is one of the most disadvantaged areas in Ngu Chi Son commune. Ninh has taught at this school for 5 years and is used to the difficult living conditions here. He says the respect and affection the local people have for teachers have been a great source of encouragement for him.

“We really admire and pay great respect to teachers who don’t mind the difficulties here in this remote area,” said Chao Duan Sieu, one of the parents.

Teacher Ninh spends his free time taking care of the school, which he considers his second home.

“I miss my family a lot. But I love my teaching career and want to bring education to the children in remote mountain areas,” said Ninh.

The local authorities in Sapa have invested in equipment and teaching facilities, as well as the living conditions of the teachers.

“Our school always creates the best possible conditions for and assures the basic needs of teachers who live and work in difficult remote areas,” said Hoang Hong Giang, the head of Ban Khoang primary school in Sapa.