WHO faces funding shortage

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(VOVWORLD) - The World Health Organization (WHO) is experiencing a funding shortage that is already hampering operations, its top emergency expert told health ministers on Tuesday.
WHO faces funding shortage - ảnh 1Head of WHO's emergencies programme Mike Ryan (Documentary photo: AFP/VNA)

Mike Ryan said the funding shortfall of more than 70% (if only received funds are considered) has put the organization in real imminent danger of being unable to carry out its core emergency functions. This risks paralyzing the WHO's ability to provide rapid support to countries and is already having consequences for current operations, Ryan said

The WHO is facing the shortfall mainly because the US, its largest single donor, announced in 2020 a decision made by former President Donald Trump that the US would cease funding and withdraw from the WHO. Earlier this year, however, President Joe Biden reversed his predecessor's decision and suspended the withdrawal process. Biden now says the US will fulfill its funding commitments to the organization.