VinFuture Sci-Tech Week – A gathering of global scientific elites

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(VOVWORLD) -The VinFuture Sci-Tech Week will take place from January 18 to 21 in Hanoi, including international events gathering leading scientists for the mission of science to practically and effectively serve humanity.
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For the first time, the world-renowned influential scientists will gather to take part in the Week’s four main activities: The Conversation with the Prize Council and Pre-screening Committee; the "Science for life" Symposium; the inaugural VinFuture Award Ceremony; and the Scientific Dialogue with the inaugural VinFuture Prize Laureates.

The event will see the attendance of guest speakers who have played an important role in humanity's fight against COVID-19 globally: Professor Katalin Kariko, Professor Drew Weissmen and Professor Pieter R Cullis - the scientists behind mRNA technology for Covid-19 vaccines; Doctor Quarraisha Abdool Karim and Doctor Salim Abdool Karim - epidemiologists with outstanding contributions to combating HIV and other contagious diseases.

The Award Ceremony will open on January 20 at Hanoi Opera House.