Vietnam’s role in APEC 2017 praised

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(VOVWORLD) - Professor Yeah Kim Leng of Malaysia’s Sunway University said he has high hopes for the outcomes of the APEC meetings hosted by Vietnam. 
Vietnam’s role in APEC 2017 praised - ảnh 1

Da Nang is ready for APEC 2017. (Photo: 

He said APEC Year 2017’s theme “Creating New Dynamism, Fostering A Shared Future” initiated by Vietnam is appropriate to the current situation in Asia-Pacific, the world’s most dynamic region. The Malaysian Professor said if Vietnam, the host country, can create a network, member economies can work together towards a regional integration like the ASEAN Free Trade Area Council which will liberalize the region’s trade.

Professor Go Ito of Japan’s Meji University stressed Vietnam’s important role in APEC cooperation and the significance of Vietnam’s hosting of the event this time. He said that in ASEAN Vietnam is an emerging economy with an impressive growth rate.

Professor Carl Thayer, a Vietnam expert at the Australian Defence Force Academy, said Vietnam has made great efforts to boost APEC reforms during meetings of working groups, senior officials, and ministers.

He said Vietnam’s hosting of APEC Summit for the second time reflects Vietnam’s long-term policy of diversifying and multi-lateralizing its foreign relations. He called on Vietnam to introduce Da Nang City’s economic development and attract support from more developed members of APEC to help realize its development targets.