Vietnam’s GDP grows 13.67% in Q3

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(VOVWORLD) -Vietnam’s GDP growth in the third quarter of the year increased 13.67%, raising its nine-month GDP growth rate to 8.83%, the General Statistics Office (GSO) said on Thursday. The service sector increased the most - 10.6%.

Vietnam’s GDP grows 13.67% in Q3 - ảnh 1Vietnam's economy continues to prosper. (Illustration:

Nguyen Thu Oanh, Director of the Price Statistics Department at the GSO, said the Government's socio-economic recovery and development policy has paid off with production and business activities regaining growth momentum, the stable macro-economy, and inflation under control. 

“Vietnam continues to be among countries with low inflation and lower than the target set by the National Assembly. This is Vietnam's success in controlling inflation and stabilizing the macro-economy," she said. 

"Firstly, the Government's close price management with a series of tax, supply, and price solutions, helps businesses and people's lives. Strict price control was imposed on consumer goods and services that have a great impact on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), such as education. Localities reduced tuition fees and health service fee hike was delayed. So did the price of electricity even though input materials such as gasoline spiked. This helped to rein in inflation at 4%,” according to Oanh. 

The GSO said total registered foreign investment capital into Vietnam as of September 20 reached nearly 19 billion USD and implemented foreign direct investment capital in Vietnam estimated at 15.5 billion USD, a 5-year high.

In the last 9 months, export of goods was estimated at 283 billion USD, up 17.3%. 1.87 million international tourists visited Vietnam in the January-September period and the tourism industry is promoting Vietnam's image to the world.