Vietnam’s Coc Coc browser and search engine tops 28 million users

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(VOVWORLD) -Coc Coc, one of the Made in Vietnam browsers and search engines, now has more than 28 million users out of a total of 70 million Internet users in Vietnam. 
Vietnam’s Coc Coc browser and search engine tops 28 million users  - ảnh 1A ceremony announces that Coc Coc Search Engine and Browser becomes a Digital Platform serving the people in 2022. Photo: Vietnam+

The Ministry of Information and Communications on Wednesday announced that Coc Coc has met the criteria of being a digital platform serving people in 2022. The announcement was made in response to the National Digital Transformation Day October 10 and as part of "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with orientation to 2030."

Coc Coc serves the in-depth search needs of Vietnamese people, which no other search engine in the world can understand, said Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung. 

“Vietnam's 70 million Internet users have needs similar to those of global Internet users. But Internet users in Vietnam have their own needs. For example, when searching for public services, only a search engine in the Vietnamese market can understand what Vietnamese people want that any one of global search engines will not answer. I acknowledge and appreciate Coc Coc's efforts," Dung said. 

Coc Coc uses an interface designed entirely in Vietnamese language, which can automatically add Vietnamese tone marks at anywhere on the Internet when the user types text.

Vietnam’s Coc Coc browser and search engine tops 28 million users  - ảnh 2E-education on Coc Coc browser and search engine (Screenshot)

Nguyen Vu Anh, CEO of Coc Coc, is proud as the platform is recognized as one of the Make in Vietnam Digital Platforms serving the people in 2022. 

“One out of every three Vietnamese using the Internet is a Coc Coc user. This recognition makes every Coc Coc employee proud and try harder to develop better products for Vietnamese people and attract more users. We will continue to promote national digital transformation. We believe that with an increasing number of users, Coc Coc can do that and are committed to developing a stronger digital platform for Vietnamese people,” Anh added. 

On National Digital Transformation Day, October 10, Coc Coc has introduced a set of solutions "For digital Vietnam", which enable users to experience such topics as Digital Government, E-education, Cyber-security, and Digital Society.