Vietnam to use cameras for nationwide traffic surveillance

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(VOVWORLD) - A 93 million USD project has been launched to install traffic surveillance cameras on all national highways and expressways in Vietnam, according to VnExpress.

Vietnam to use cameras for nationwide traffic surveillance - ảnh 1A surveillance camera on Noi Bai-Lao Cai Expressway. (Photo: VnExpress/Son Hai)

The project will be implemented from now until 2025, using state budget, private investment and other funding sources. Details on the number of cameras and their specific locations have not been revealed.  

The Traffic Police Department last October proposed a plan to increase reliance on surveillance cameras to detect violations and only head to the streets in person when necessary. Under the proposal, traffic police officers will show up on the streets only to handle violations that cannot be detected by watching CCTV footage, like driving under the influence or trucks carrying more weight than allowed.

Once the plan takes effect, the police will only have the duty of patrolling the streets occasionally, regulating traffic on special occasions, handling traffic jams and dealing with traffic accidents, the department said.