Vietnam strives to achieve net zero emissions from agriculture by 2050

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -Vietnam’s agricultural sector sets a goal of sustainable development and environmental pollution mitigation during the green agriculture transformation. 

The government’s plan on green and sustainable agricultural transformation in the 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050 calls for efforts to "develop green, environmentally friendly agriculture, adapt to climate change, and reduce rural environmental pollution".

Dao The Anh, Deputy Director of the Institute of Agricultural Science at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that in the next 10 years, the agricultural sector’s growth rate must be 2.5-3% annually to contribute to the overall growth of the national economy.

Export growth is guaranteed at about 5-6%. Food security, nutrition security, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation for all Vietnamese people will be ensured. Other tasks include reducing soil pollution, conserving biodiversity, and using water sparingly.  

“Currently, the emissions of agriculture are about 30%, which is relatively high. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by 10% by 2030. By 2050, the Government's "Net Zero" commitment will be delivered on, which means no more emissions in agriculture,” Anh said.