Vietnam hosts first international defense expo

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(VOVWORLD) -Defense forces from 30 countries around the world are joining the International Defense Expo 2022, the first held in Vietnam, which opened on Thursday at Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi.

Vietnam hosts first international defense expo - ảnh 1A corner of the Vietnam International Defense Expo 2022. Photo: Thanh Ha/ VOV

To open the exhibition, the Vietnam People's Air Force performed a formation-flying demonstration of helicopters and SU-30MK2 fighters in the sky over Hanoi.

Colonel Bui Thien Thau, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Defense-Air Force, said: The departments have carefully prepared, from the organization and command to the pilot and the security forces such as aeronautical engineering, so that the flying performance to welcome the Vietnam International Defense Exhibition will demonstrate the strength of the Air Force-Air Defense Service.”

Vietnam hosts first international defense expo - ảnh 2Performance of the Su-30 rehearses before the opening ceremony. Photo: Thanh Ha/ VOV

The exhibition is displaying and demonstrating combat vehicles, technological solutions, weapons and equipment used for the navy, army, air defense, cyber warfare, logistics, and engineering.

The organizers have arranged a cultural space, a culinary space, a display area "Economics-defense in the digital technology era" featuring milestones of the Vietnamese people's army in each historical period associated with socio-economic development.