US to send new aid package worth 300 million USD to Ukraine

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(VOVWORLD) - The Biden administration announced another package of military aid to Ukraine worth 300 million USD on Tuesday after months of warning that there was no money left.

US to send new aid package worth 300 million USD to Ukraine - ảnh 1US Javelin missiles were delivered to the airport in Kiev, Ukraine on February 11, 2022. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Officials said the new funding became available as a result of savings made in weapons contracts.

The Pentagon has approximately 4 billion USD in drawdown authority left to send to Ukraine – weapons and equipment pulled directly from Defense Department stocks – but the Pentagon had been reluctant to use that funding, because there was no replenishment money left to refill the US inventories. 

US Defense officials made it clear that this is not a sustainable long-term solution to providing much-needed weaponry to Ukraine and that Republican leaders in the US House of Representatives continue to refuse to bring a bill that would provide 60 billion USD in additional military aid up for a vote. 

The most recent aid package for Ukraine, worth 250 million USD, was announced by the US last December.