UN rapporteur urges international community to stop racism

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(VOVWORLD) -A group of United Nations (UN) experts Friday presented a thematic report exposing the negative effects of racism and racial discrimination on the right to development, urging the international community to prevent racism in all forms and fight inequalities.

UN rapporteur urges international community to stop racism - ảnh 1Protest against racism in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo: AFP)

Mihir Kanade, chair rapporteur of the UN Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development, presented the report to the 51st session of UN Human Rights Council.

He said the experts hoped that the report would help to address racial discrimination and the obstacles it posed to social and economic development worldwide. 

The report stressed that as societies become ever more multi-ethnic, multireligious and multicultural, greater investments in inclusivity and cohesion are required to harness the benefits of diversity for all humanity rather than perceiving it as a threat.

It added that the international community is called upon to reaffirm its commitment to universal human rights and shared values that enshrine equality and dignity for all within and beyond the framework of the right to development.